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How To Launch Bitcoin Exchange Software In the UK

The trend to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in the online marketplace has now been adopted by more than 70% of the world’s population. In fact, according to one report, the overall amount for crypto investment in the year 2021 is almost around $2.5 trillion. So, there is no doubt that crypto trading is now contributing to the global financial system upto a great extent. This unexpected hype in crypto trading has given rise to crypto exchange businesses by allowing people a platform to trade digital assets online. 

Many countries like the UK, India, and USA are now promoting cryptocurrency trading. Therefore companies are now developing their crypto trading platforms to give people a reliable and secure platform for trading. 

If you are one such business owner who wants to step into the crypto exchange business, this is the place that will help you find how to do it. This guide will help you know how to launch a successful cryptocurrency exchange software in the UK. 

Why is the Crypto Exchange Business Taking a Boom in the United Kingdom?

A survey has reported that the United Kingdom singlehandedly upholds the crypto trading worth of $3 trillion in currency transactions daily and is expected to increase in the coming year. 

Such a massive worth highlights that the United Kingdom is the most preferred market to bring out any unique crypto business model or to endorse any financial technology related to crypto trading. 

There is also one report brought up by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority that showed that the total number of people who held cryptocurrency n the United Kingdom in the year 2021 is 2.3 million. And to handle such massive traders, the need for cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms in the country gives businesses a chance to create new business models. 

Different Ways To Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange Software in the UK

Setting up the crypto exchange software business in a particular geographical location comes with challenges, regulations, and settings. Everything is different, from getting licensing from legal authorities to hiring a good developer for your project. 

Here are the things that you need to take care of if you want to launch a successful crypto trading software in the UK: 

1. Get it done with the Licensing 

Before you plan anything else, like the development plan or hiring the development company, the first thing that comes into the picture is licensing. And when we talk about the United Kingdom’s policies, there are multiple legalization procedures. 

  • To set up a business, the owner must have an actual office to follow the tax procedure as per the corporate taxation rule. 
  • It is required for the business owner to take necessary action to reduce the risk of financial terrorism as per the British treasury policy. Reporting any suspicious activities on the bitcoin exchange software is also essential. 
  • Systematic and organized documentation must hold all the papers regarding the business plan, policy documentation as per AML/KYC, and other papers that show all operational risks.

2. Development of Bitcoin Exchange Development Software 

After the licensing part is done, you are all set to bring out the part where you start the development process of your bitcoin exchange software. There are multiple options in the market to develop your exchange platform, depending on your budget, time, and energy. 

One option is to bring out the process from the start line, where you hire the development team to design the platform, test the prototype, and then make it live. At the same time, the other one uses a previously developed solution that saves 90% of the time by fastening the process. 

Here are the best crypto exchange solution provided by the best crypto development companies in the UK: 

3. Building Custom Exchange Development 

The most common way to develop a crypto exchange is to build it from scratch. As challenging as it looks, it involves taking all the measures from the start that can only drain half of your time and money in the development process. Only businesses looking for a wholly unique and custom platform can benefit from this option. 

4. White-label Bitcoin Exchange 

A smart way to design your crypto exchange is using a white-label solution. It is a pre-developed exchange that comprises all the features that users need to make the trading process more manageable. Businesses can customize this platform as per their need to bring out a whole new and advanced platform for their use. 

As the platform is already tested and entails ideal functionality, the time and money to perform such testing are also saved. It is a more affordable way to create a bitcoin exchange.

5. Bitcoin Exchange Script

A bitcoin exchange script is similar to a white-label script as it is a pre-developed and ready-to-use platform to save time and cost. The functionality and features it holds are very similar to a bitcoin exchange software. From the popular bitcoin exchange scripts from top companies in the UK, one can choose the one they prefer the most. 

Appinop Technologies is one of the popular white-label bitcoin exchange platform development services providers you can hire for your business. 


Settings successful crypto exchange business in the UK is more convenient than ever, thanks to the UK‘s government that laid off many plans to support crypto business in the country. Businesses also can choose the development method per their budget and time constraints. 

Appinop Technologies is one of the leading providers of custom-made and white-label crypto exchange solutions to develop your dream crypto exchange platform. They have tailor-made project inclusions that suit every business type, big or small. 

Get the advice of industry professionals by booking an appointment with Appinop Technologies to give your business a head start.

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