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Birthday Decorations 31st Birthday Ideas

31st birtday ideas

Years go by so much faster as you get older, and I’m starting to believe it. Just a few months ago. I was celebrating my 30th birthday with a ’80s-themed bash. but now it’s time for my 31st!

Since one of my closest friends shares the same birthday as me and wasn’t able to throw a huge party for her 30th last year. We figured, why not throw a party for her 31st Birthday Ideas as well? We knew our pals were dying for an excuse to go on a girls’ weekend away, so we decided to throw a party in Austin, Texas for them.

You can still have a good time even if you’re on the road! While planning a bachelorette party in a cabin last summer. I had to think through the logistics of flying everyone there. Tips and a DIY that can fit in your carry-on are included in this post.


Bulky things should be avoided for a party on the go, regardless . You are checking a bag or not! For the weekend. We stayed at an Airbnb, so I had photos of the space we’d have to work with. Fortunately , Birthday Decorations 31st Birthday Ideas there was a large kitchen island A large dining table that I knew could be done up a little bit.

The great thing about a tablescape, is the items you need are all flat and easy to pack. I packed that I’ve used too many times too many times to count my adult.


Party planners who follow me on social media know that I am a huge lover of employing printables. They quickly enhance your decor and may be inserted into any number of frames you already own. Since I didn’t require a full set of graphics for this particular event, I decided to use Canva to make a few items.

The Forever 31 sign may be downloaded for free by clicking the icon below! A few frames wrapped in a few layers of clothing is all that’s needed to transform your suitcase into a gallery wall!


For the sake of convenience, we couldn’t use a large backdrop or pack glasses! Because of this, I was thrilled when my family surprised me with a Cricut Easy Press for my birthday. Koozies were purchased from Amazon using iron-on material to create “Forever 31” koozies for all of my friends and family members. An iron can be used if you don’t have an Easy Press.

A tremendous hit, folks stuffed them in their purses and took them everywhere over the weekend! When we went out to eat and drink in Austin’s hippest neighbourhoods, we were showered with compliments on our clothes. In fact, I believe we were ahead of the game when I saw a slew of koozies on sale in local boutiques.

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