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Biography Vs Autobiography

Biography and autobiography are two traditional types of literature that explain a person’s character description and life experience. Biography is an individual’s life history published by someone else, whereas autobiography is an expression of a person’s life written by self.

Both of these books offer a perspective on events that occurred where the author lived in the past. These non-fiction books describe the tale of a person who made a significant contribution to a certain field and are written in chronological sequence. Many people mistakenly believe that the two types of writing are interchangeable, but the essay below explains how they differ in some important ways.


A detailed account of a person’s life that has been written or created by another person is called a biography, sometimes known as a “bio.” It provides in-depth details about the person in question’s birthplace, educational background, employment history, personal relationships, and death. It reveals intimate details of the subject’s life, highlighting the highs and lows and doing a comprehensive psychological analysis.

A biography is typically written, but it can also be created in other ways, such as a musical composition or a literary to visual translation.

It is the recreating of an individual’s life via the use of words written by another person. To engross the readers in the story, the author collects every information about the subject and offers those facts in the biography that are significant and fascinating.


A person’s biography about their own life is called an autobiography. Latin’s word “auto” means “self.” An autobiography therefore contains all the elements of a biography but is written or narrated by the author. He or she may write independently or engage ghostwriters to write for them.

A character portrait, the narrator’s birth and upbringing place, education, employment, life experiences, difficulties, and successes are all presented in an autobiography. This might cover incidents and tales from his youth, adolescence, and maturity.

The Significant Differences Between Biography and Autobiography

The following points go into detail about the distinction between biography and autobiography:

  • As a result, there is a potential that the information contains factual errors. Autobiographies, on the other hand, are self-written and hence do not require permission.
  • Biographies contain information gathered throughout time from many sources, resulting in a unique perspective for the readers.
  • Autobiographies, on the other hand, are written by the subject themselves; hence, the writer provides the facts .
  • His thinking in his own style, providing the readers with an overall narrow and biassed perspective.
  • In an autobiography, the author typically starts with “I,” “me,” “we,” “he,” or “she,” etc.
  • As a result, the reader and author have a close relationship since the reader feels as though he or she is actually living in the historical period.
  • A biography, in contrast, is written from a third person perspective and is much less personal.
  • An autobiography is intended to express the narrator’s life experiences and accomplishments.
  • whereas a biography serves to introduce and inform readers about the subject and his life.

The End

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