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Best Windows 10 VPNs for PC in 2022

Microsoft, a tech giant, owns Windows; it has been serving for over two decades. There is no surprise, as Windows 10 is overwhelmed by vast numbers of VPNs available in the marketplace.

Choosing the best VPN server location from that dizzying range can be challenging.

 The factors to consider range from essential privacy and security features to performance and cost in unblocking streaming sites. It’s simple to pick the first VPN you come across without paying attention.

We have concentrated on comprehensive Windows VPNs. We’ll detail each one’s strengths and weaknesses and assess how they stack up against one another in all the key categories.

How to choose a Windows 10 VPN

Your Windows 10 VPN of choice must be an all-around performer. Although many providers offer rock-solid safety, privacy features are clearly at the top of the list. As a result, you’ll probably base your choice on how an app works, the best country servers for VPN connection speeds, and streaming quality.

ExpressVPN is our top choice for Windows since it breezed through our hands-on tests with flying colors. The four we’ve listed are excellent alternatives, but many other suppliers provide various features.

Here, go through our summary of the top three Windows VPNs. Simply scroll down to read our in-The best VPN for Windows 10 is ExpressVPN.

1.      ExpressVPN is the best PC VPN

 If you want something that is both strong and simple to use. You have two options: set it and forget it or explore the settings and personalize your experience. Express can meet all of your VPN requirements, and you can also get three months for FREE through.

2.      FastestVPN the perfect PC VPN is evolving day by day

FastestVPN gives you the freedom of unlimited downloading and uploading of files. Download files restriction-free with unlimited bandwidth.

FastestVPN has a remarkable uptime of 99.99%, which means that server effectiveness is available 24/7 and FastestVPN customers face no inconveniences.

3. One of the best-known VPNs is NordVPN.

NordVPN performance on Windows devices is remarkable, and the company isn’t the biggest name in the VPN industry for nothing. Nord is a fantastic choice and merits consideration. It truly competes with ExpressVPN. Depth analysis of the providers if you want to learn more about any of our options.

4. Surfshark – Budget-friendly Windows 10 VPN

If you want a cheaper and longer subscription for premium VPN forjust $2.30/month except for the prices, excellent features like Double Hop, and using one plan on as many devices as you want.

Best Windows 10 VPN for PC in 2022

1. ExpressVPN

  • It makes the Windows app smooth and spontaneous.
  • Fastest connection speeds with best VPN server location.
  • Freely assessed.
  • Best pick for streaming and torrenting.
  • Connects only five devices at once.

Using ExpressVPN Windows software is a delight. The huge on/off button will link you to the Smart Location if all you want is to connect as quickly as possible. However, if you like more flexibility, you can use the options to modify your kill switch, protocols, auto-connect settings, split tunneling, and much more.

The selection of a VPN should consider speed; ExpressVPN’s proprietary, open-source Light way protocol is sufficiently quick. It reached top speeds of 630Mbps when tested on our 1Gbps connection. Although that was a great result, it’s important to note that some competitors were even faster, like Surfshark (790Mbps), IP Vanish (890Mbps), and TorGuard (950Mbps).

2. FastestVPN

  • Kill switches.
  • Chat support 24/7.
  • Testest Lightning-fast connections.
  • Quality streaming/gaming.

FastestVPN has numerous protocols, such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPSec, OpenConnect, L2TP, and more, which boosts connectivity and makes it compatible with Windows PC, mac, android, and iOS. The servers of FastestVPN are optimized for P2P file sharing and download files at a lightning-fast speed.We recommend you to Download windows VPN to secure your pc

3. NordVPN

Excellent security-focused Windows 10 VPN

  • Enhanced Functionalities.
  • Proficient in no-logging.
  • Lightning-fast connections.
  • Quality streaming.

NordVPN might be perfect for you if you’re a brand-name fanatic. It has a slight advantage over ExpressVPN in terms of global server count with over 5,500, but there isn’t quite as much distribution with only 63 locations. They target the best country for VPN. Nord is exceptionally safe because of AES-256 encryption and RAM-only servers, and just like Express, you can join with a single click and set it and forget it.

Admittedly, we’ve seen minor fluctuations in the past year, but the provider has proved reliable in recent months.

You’ll have friendly live-chat agents ready to take your question, and again, a 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to test-drive the service before you commit.

4.      Surfshark

  • Unlimited immediate connections
  • Fantastic value
  • Great WireGuard speeds
  • Minor kill switch issue on Windows
  • OpenVPN speeds aren’t great

With only $2.50-per-month, Surfshark will be quite alluring to those looking for a cheap VPN, but an excellent option for the seekers of a fully functional VPN. With 3,200 servers scattered over 65 countries, it has a solid network with the best VPN locations competing with NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Security enthusiasts will particularly like its AES-256 encryption and comprehensive independent audit of its servers.

Surfshark is a fast VPN when utilizing WireGuard. With top speeds of 790Mbps, it outperforms both NordVPN and ExpressVPN, and significant advancements have been made since our previous hands-on study. Surfshark delivered slightly less impressive speeds when utilizing OpenVPN, with a maximum speed of only 150Mbps.

Surfshark appears to be somewhat slow when compared to ExpressVPN and NordVPN. However, WireGuard will be all you use unless you want to install it as a router VPN or need to use obfuscated servers.

When it comes to streaming, Surfshark regains its composure and, like Nord and Express, provides a clean sweep of Netflix, Prime, Disney+, and iPlayer. If you’re watching your spending, Surfshark is an excellent option because it offers the best country VPN servers. Also, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and top-notch customer service.

Top 10 Best Countries for VPN With the Fastest Mobile Internet Speeds

  1. United Arab Emirates – 238.06
  2. South Korea – 202.61
  3. Norway – 177.72
  4. Qatar – 172.18
  5. China – 165.38
  6. Kuwait – 157.18
  7. Saudi Arabia – 155.97
  8. Cyprus – 144.64
  9. Bulgaria – 142.27
  10. Switzerland – 135.70

Top 10 Countries with Fastest Broadband Internet Speeds

  1. Monaco – 261.82
  2. Singapore – 255.83
  3. Hong Kong (China) – 254.70
  4. Romania – 232.17
  5. Switzerland – 229.96
  6. Denmark – 227.91
  7. Thailand – 225.17
  8. Chile – 217.60
  9. France – 214.04
  10. South Korea – 212.57


Internet speed experts OOKLA report that as of September 2021, the average download speed on fixed broadband worldwide was 113.25 Mbps and 63.15 Mbps on mobile. These are both considerable upgrades from the scores of 35.96 Mbps mobile and 85.73 Mbps broadband obtained in September 2020, respectively. These numbers are anticipated to increase as networks and technology continue to evolve. With download speeds of 226.60 Mbps, the best VPN server location can be Monaco won the prize for broadband speed in 2021. Singapore, the winner from the previous year, and Hong Kong came in second and third. When attention is turned to mobile connectivity, the rankings change, with the United Arab Emirates topping the list with 238.06 Mbps. The best Countries for VPNs are South Korea coming in second with 202.61 Mbps, and Norway coming in third with 177.72 Mbps.

Since updating the necessary infrastructure is a slower and more complex operation in larger countries like China and India, smaller countries typically have an edge when improving internet speed. Though average internet download speeds differ significantly from state to state, the United States only has the 15th-fastest mobile rates at 110.07 Mbps and the 13rd-fastest broadband speeds at 203.81 Mbps.

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