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Best Weapons to Upgrade in Black Ops Origins

In Black Ops Origins, you can upgrade several guns and gear to make them more powerful. Some of the Weapons you can upgrade include the Bren, MG-42, and ice staff. In addition to these guns, you can also use the KN-44 and Wunderwaffe.

Monkey Bombs and Gersch

If you’re looking to upgrade your weapons in Black Ops Origins, the Monkey Bomb is the weapon to upgrade. It looks like a monkey playing a toy and can be extremely effective at destroying zombies. It works by attracting zombies with chattering sounds before exploding and destroying them. This weapon has remained an integral part of many players’ survival strategies.

A Monkey Bomb is a throwable weapon. The Gersch device sucks zombies into a black hole, and it also works by attracting zombies. The Gersch is also very useful for buying time to flee or revive downed players. Both can be found in a mystery box depending on the map.

ice staff upgrade

This guide includes a brief section on locating the original blue discs, phonograph, and completing the base Ice Staff. It also includes a step-by-step walkthrough for upgrading the Ice Staff in Origins. To make things as simple as possible, my tutorials include thorough screenshots, maps, and other puzzle codes.

It makes perfect sense to review the ice staff upgrade procedure now that the remastered version of Origins is available in Zombies Chronicles and since many of you are playing the Xbox One backwards compatible Black Ops 2 version.

One of Origins’ best weapons graphically is the Ice Staff, which quickly freezes zombies and makes you happy to watch them break. However, the simple version has a flaw inherently since, when you’re surrounded by a large army, frozen foes wind up obstructing your escape route.


The KN-44 is one of the best weapons to upgrade in Black Ops Origins. It can be upgraded with off-the-shelf ammo and a variety of weapon upgrades. It’s an effective weapon for killing zombies and racking up points, and can be upgraded with Double tap, Speed cola, Deadshot, and more.

The KN-44 is an excellent melee weapon for Black Ops Origins. It fires one napalm missile per shot and is great at attracting zombies. You can upgrade the weapon by filling up soul chests around the map. To do this, kill at least 30 zombies. You can also use robots to close soul chests. You can also upgrade the weapon into an Iron Fist by completing an Easter egg.

The KN-44 is an excellent weapon for taking down zombies at a distance. While it’s not very useful when you’re playing solo, it is a great choice if you need to clear out an area with a large number of zombies. It has impressive damage, but its magazine size can be a disadvantage in crowded areas.


One of the most powerful weapons in Black Ops Origins is the Wunderwaffe. This gun uses a powerful electric current to kill zombies. It can kill ten zombies in a single shot and is an excellent choice for dealing with large groups of enemies. However, it is important to note that it has some drawbacks.

While the original Wunderwaffe had some great features, it suffered from some major drawbacks. First, it was slow. Chaining was difficult. The second problem was that it caused the player to lose Juggernog when hitting the enemy. This was fixed in later updates.


The Thundergun is one of the best weapons to upgrade in Black Ops Origins. It comes with a 12-shot clip and can be traded in for any weapon you are currently holding. Once you get this gun, the rest of the level should be easy. The next step is to upgrade the rest of your weapons.

If you’re looking to get a new weapon for Zombies, the Thundergun should be your first choice. It has great damage, decent reload speed, and a high ammo capacity, making it a top choice for all maps. It also has great boss-killing potential, especially on the Zombies map, Revelations.

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