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Best way to Run Google Ads’ Campaigns – (seo specialistas | SEOpartneriai.lt)

Estimates peg global e-commerce to reach USD 5.55 trillion in 2022. For companies trying to achieve success in this competitive market, pain points typically have to do with marketing, social media, and digital advertising. All need to be adapted end-to-end — from the first line of an advertisement to the choice of distribution channel — and calibrated to minimize the risk of any misstep.

Global Advertising Media

Thus, enterprises and marketing agencies need to find (and it isn’t always easy) the quickest, surest, safest way to achieve their global e-commerce goals. Here’s what they usually look for. Adaptation of advertising into multiple languages and platforms as companies use a growing variety of local and global advertising media; Transcreation to consistently achieve optimal targeting while preserving the creative, persuasive quality of original content; SEO or getting good rankings for a translated website on the level of the original one; rather than having to deal with. Visit seopartneriai.lt/google-adwords-reklama.

Localizing keywords and Advertising Messages

As LSP to thousands of clients, Rome-based LSP, Translated, has dealt with many critical issues while localizing keywords and advertising messages into foreign languages. A significant challenge in adapting advertisements is how to calibrate the message to suit a specific strategy, demographic, and platform.

“We have localized 1,000+ e-commerce websites and translated 100,000,000+ keywords and ads” — Alessandro Cattelan, COO, TranslatedMaking Sense of Google Ads

Over the last 15 years, Translated has produced more than 100 million ads in multiple languages. According to Alessandro Cattelan, COO at Translated, the team has leveraged years of expertise in the translation of Google Ads (fka Google Adwords), having worked as an official and exclusive partner to the search giant. “We were the exclusive partner that developed the actual translations of ads and keywords,” Cattelan said.

He added that this multilingual ads campaign service, once offered only through Google, has now been disintermediated and Translated has started offering the service to all clients directly

Search Engine Optimization Concept

Multilingual Search Engine Ads campaigns

Multilingual Search Engine Ads campaigns are available under Translated’s Marketing Localization Suite, a first-of-its-kind service that supports companies and agencies that wish to (a) improve their digital marketing and advertising performance, in general; (b) expand marketing efforts into new territories, in particular.

Convenient ad localization with a few clicks: send the file, choose a delivery date, scale up to 200 languages, adapt the ad to any marketing platform. Drop us a note to know more.Speaking a Customer’s Own Language

Emerging media platforms

Having worked on Google Ads for years, Translated started to localize marketing campaigns for emerging media platforms in 2012 — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter — but also local platforms relevant in penetrating (seo specialistas | SEOpartneriai.lt) specific markets, such as Baidu, WeChat, and Weibo.

Today, the Italian LSP is combining all this extensive know-how into a single, unique service. The new service enables marketers to submit one set of ads and have their campaigns localized in up to 200 languages.

Marketers can also ask Translated to adapt the advertisement to the relevant media channels of a chosen destination country.

Localization of marketplaces

What’s more, drawing on (seo specialistas | SEOpartneriai.lt) years of experience in localizing digital marketing campaigns. Translated is going beyond ad localization by including in the following services in the Marketing Localization. Suite:Keyword research for search engine marketing;International SEO optimization;Localization of marketplaces and e-commerce websites. And Creative translations for any marketing content.

Translated has already delivered these services. For the high-performing ads of global brands. Such as Airbnb and Skyscanner, as well as thousands of small and medium businesses.

From a longstanding network of more than 300,000 professional. Native-speaking linguists with expertise in 40+ industries and domains. Translated selected highly skilled professionals specialized in marketing and advertising. These linguistic experts can cover the localization and optimization of marketing initiatives in 200 languages.

For more details:-

seo specialistas | SEOpartneriai.lt

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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