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Best Seven Google Digital Marketing Courses for Beginner In 2022

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Digital marketing is the process of delivering advertisements through different social platforms to promote the brand and boost sales. It requires the internet, technology like phones, laptops, tablets, computers, and online channels.

With the rise of the internet, new types of professions are introduced to the world. Now people can earn within the comfort of their homes. One way of generating income is through online marketing.

To become a successful web marketer, you first need to learn and polish your skills. For that, you can join a course that provides you with full and proper training.

Seven Programs to Make You a Great Online Marketer

We will share with you the best seven digital marketing courses for beginners in 2022 to give you a better understanding of various programs in this field.

  1. Google Digital Marketing Course

Starting with the first, Digital garage is an online platform of Google that provides programs based on various subjects.

One of the subjects is online advertising in which they teach various programs. We would like to mention most of them to inform you:

  • The basics of Digital advertising
  • How to establish an online startup
  • How to increase your reach to more potential customers
  • How to boost a business using advertisements on the internet
  • Mobile phone advertisement
  • YouTube course
  • How to grow venture to abroad countries

All these above-mentioned courses come up with text and visual content to better understand the concepts and techniques.

Most of these courses require up to 40 hours to complete while a few of them can be completed within 3 hours.

Why Register?

You should register for it when you are new to this field and want to attain a good foundation for your learning.

This certification can prove to be beneficial for you as it is well-recognized throughout the world.

It helps you out like assignments help Leicester help students with homework.

  • Semrush Academy

Semrush is a famous company in the world of digitization as it has introduced some of the most useful tools. Several marketers work under this label therefore they introduced a few training lectures to train the newcomers.

The good news for the Spanish speakers is that these courses are not just available in English but in Spanish too.

The best thing about these lessons is that they are free. They include:

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Content e-advertising
  • SEO

Why Register?

If you want to learn from professionals, this is a suitable option. You do not need to invest a single penny for the registration. They will award you a certification once you are done with the training and examination.

  • Hubspot Academy Course

Hubspot is a popular academy that turns amateurs into highly trained professionals.

This company covers these subjects:

  • Content advertising
  • Email advertising
  • Advertisement of Social Media

This academy provides free-of-cost lessons and awards certifications same as the above one. They also teach other types of topics like YouTube and Facebook advertising.

Why Register?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any plans to use their tools, you should still apply for their lesson in your favorite subject.

It would be worth it as there are highly professional educators just like assignment help Sheffield where experts assist pupils in hard tasks.

  • Udemy Lessons

We are sure you must know about Udemy as this is one of the fast-growing online academies. It teaches a wide range of lessons related to this field from SEO to Facebook ads and sales.

They offer a bundle package of lessons too which consists of twelve courses:

  • Analysis of Market
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Advertising
  • Ads for App
  • YouTube Buildup
  • Setup of WordPress
  • LinkedIn Publicizing
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Search Engine Optimization writing

These lessons are not free but they come up with certification.

 Why Register?

If you are ready to invest some money, you can choose this option. Courses on Udemy can be quite expensive but you can try to find affordable ones or wait for the festive season to get discounts.

However, if you are new to this field, it can be wholesome for you as they cover every aspect of the main topic.

Ensure before buying this google digital marketing course that it is worth it otherwise you might regret spending your money on it.

  • Simplilearn Specialist Certification

Alike Udemy, this one is paid too but it offers a wide variety of lessons and training to use the tools. The premium package of it costs around 1,499$.

This academy offer lessons on:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics of Web
  • Social Media
  • Conversion Optimization.

Why Enroll?

The best thing about them is that they teach you about 40 different types of tools. By the end of the training, you would know what kind of tool works best for what and what isn’t.

As this is expensive, if you can’t afford it by yourself, you can convince your boss to buy this for you.

  • Udacity Training Program

Udacity training program is another premium training that provides nanodegree courses. It has a set of everything that is required to be a marketer, such as:

  • Fundamentals of Internet Ads
  • Strategy of content
  • Display Advertising
  • SEO, along with Google advertisement

Why Apply?

You would also get a personal mentor, career services, and coach in this type.

You can get advice from your coach related to any problem. You would also be aware of the right procedure for using it. You would also get certifications that can add more power to your CV.

  • Coursera Training Program

Coursera is another academy that has to provide worth trying lessons from SEO to social media services.

It offers six lessons that take around 20 hours to complete.

The total cost of them is around 592$. The topics are pretty much the same as the above-mentioned ones. You would be provided a certificate after the completion of the course and assignments.

Why Apply?

It is suitable for the ones who want a transition from being an analog marketer to an online marketer.

This might not be suitable for you if want to boost sales.

Final Thoughts

These were the best seven digital marketing courses for beginners in 2022. To become a professional in this field, you need to master a wide variety of skills. It is very diverse as it consists of numerous different media channels.

You would require to have the skills that we mentioned in this article if you are going to apply for a job in this niche. For that, you require training and certification to prove it. Choose one or more programs out of the above and get trained to ace your job.

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