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Top 5 Best Restaurants in Lahore (Must Go Restaurants in Lahore)

Are you planning a hangout with your friends? Are you going to Lahore this weekend? Looking for top restaurants in Lahore? Here is the list of the top 5 restaurants in Lahore for foodies. Whether you want continental, Chinese, Afghan, French or Italian food, Lahore has such restaurants. Choose the best and enjoy with your family, friends and colleagues. Click here to see Best Restaurants in Lahore for Birthday.

1. Arcadian Cafe:

This cafe is located at 2 Gulberg in Lahore. If you want to plan a family trip, business lunch and everything else, Arcadian Cafe is ready to serve you well. The environment and food are perfectly suited to enjoy with friends. They have a wide variety of food categories including continental, Italian, French and Asian. Recently they have updated their menu which includes many dishes. Some newly added dishes are Shrimp, Red Dragon Chicken, Feng Sushi, 3 cheese chicken and spicy sauce. The timing of this restaurant is noon to noon.

2. Costa Nostra:

Cosa Nostra is also located in Gulberg 2. Perhaps it is the oldest and best restaurants in Lahore for eating out. All national visitors, international visitors and habitats of the Lahore, eating out is a top priority. It offers all the traditional dishes along with French, Chinese dishes. Their food range includes pizza and burgers, chicken and rice, burgers and other foods. The environment, lighting, music, food are all perfect for an unforgettable dinner. The timing of this restaurant is 12:30pm to 12:00pm.

3. Cafe Aylanto:

Café Aylanto can be found in MMA Alam Gulberg 3. If you want to hang out with your loved one, this restaurant is the best choice for you. They provide a wide range of cuisines, including fast food, Indian cuisine, continental cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and French cuisine. Other eateries in the desert cannot compete with Aylanto. They offer extremely tasty and mouthwatering sweet dishes. So dine in today and get the great taste, atmosphere and enjoyment all under one roof. The timing of this restaurant is 7:30pm to noon.

4. Spice Bazaar:

Spice Bazaar is located at MMA Alam road Gulberg. Spice Bazar is indeed the best eatery in Lahore and is becoming popular in Restaurants Lahore for its fantastic taste. You can never imagine how much variety they offer in food including Afghan, Pakistani and modern dishes. They include BBQ dishes, Soups, Daal, Seafood, Vegetarian, Rice, Naan and Desert. The timing of this restaurant is 12 noon to 11 am.

5. Bandu Khan Restaurant:

Bandu Khan is a renowned restaurant in Lahore that has many branches in other cities as well. They have a wide variety of dishes including Balochi, Multani, continental and deserts. They specialize in mutton. If you are a sheep lover, believe me this is the perfect place for you. The timing of this restaurant is 11:00 PM to 12:00 PM.

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