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Best Places To See In Helsinki In 2022

Finland’s capital city, Helsinki, is situated on Europe’s northernmost continent, despite the fact that Finland is in the southern hemisphere. There are a number of islands and peninsulas in the Gulf of Finland, and the city is located in the center of them. The city’s natural splendor and the breathtaking environment that surrounds it have earned it worldwide acclaim. 

To attract travelers, it has a natural beauty and a capital city in Helsinki that is regarded as a European tourist destination of the highest caliber. So, if you’re looking to explore a unique & serene land, Helsinki is where you ought to go. Without thinking much, start planning, book delta airlines reservations in any class, and save up to 50% off on every flight till the last minute. 

Still, wondering what to see & do while you’re here? Check out this list if you’re planning a trip to Helsinki and want to get the most out of it!

Helsinki, Finland is home to the Temppeliaukio Church.

What can you do in Helsinki if you’re itching to explore some of the city’s more eccentric sights? The church of Temppeliaukio should be on your itinerary. Because it was dug from the rock, it stands out from the others. It was built in the 1960s from variously sized granite stones. It is because of the location’s singularity that all light, divine or otherwise, penetrates through the ceiling, no matter where it comes from. A must-see in Helsinki, this venue is the perfect combination of cutting-edge and refined.

Helsinki, Finland, is home to the Hakaniemi Market.

It’s a well-known institution in Finland and even outside its boundaries! Enough said. If you’re ever in Helsinki, you must see this. Monday through Friday, the same-named plaza’s covered market is free and accessible to the public. You may even participate in a market on the first Sunday of the month!

It’s a terrific place to purchase and sample some of Finland’s best cuisine, including reindeer and salmon, which can be cooked in a number of ways. The shopkeepers are pleasant and proficient in English, like the vast majority of Finns.

Located in Finland, the Suomenlinna Fortress

In Helsinki, there is an island called Suomenlinna. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991, when the Swedes built this fortress in the 18th century. One of Helsinki’s most popular attractions is located here. There are just a few hundred permanent occupants of the stronghold, which consists of six islands. A magnificent green park and rare pieces of artillery may be seen here. Visitors of all ages will enjoy frolicking on the beach while seeing the fortress’s military artefacts on show at the museum.

Getting a doughnut at Café Regatta is a terrific experience.

It’s no secret that Café Regatta in Helsinki is the most Instagrammable of all the country’s coffee shops. You can’t help but notice this distinctive little red house on the edge of the beach. Visitors may have a cup of hot chocolate or a large café chantilly topped with the famous doughnut at this establishment. On the stair-accessible outdoor terrace, sausages are grilled over a wood fire for savory dinners. If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamed of one day pretending to be an actual trapper. The Regatta Café’s view of the ocean, the old wooden house, and the dancing flames of the open fireplace make you believe it.

Visit the capital’s famous Finnish library.

The National Library of Finland not only has a stunning structure, but it also has a stunning setting. As the Kansalliskirjasto National Library of Finland, it may be located in that same location. The glass dome on the roof lets in a lot of natural light, and the rows of Corinthian columns transport you to a different era and place altogether. Although computers have taken the role of sheets of paper, the shelves still seem beautiful thanks to the ancient books with leather covers. Open to the public, the National Library is located right in the middle of Senate Square. Students are here to learn, so please be considerate of their needs and those around you.

A stroll along this boulevard, lined with pastel-colored Art Nouveau palaces, is a must. Instagrammers who are looking for the prettiest spots in international capitals are familiar with this location. What to do during the day to take advantage of the colors and return from this trip to Helsinki with a stunning shot, rather than myself. In Helsinki, the neighborhood of Huvilakatu (southern Helsinki) is located near the design district.

In The Nutshell

Known as rare destinations that are still untouched, pristine forms, unlike other major travel spots. It’s the time to call out the adventurer, the tourist, the shopper, and the culture-lover in you. So why wait? Plan your trip to Europe with AirlinesMap right away and experience all that this heaven has to offer with a zillion great memories..!

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