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Best place to get writing jobs

You can look for beginner-level freelance writing jobs using a variety of resources. Working from home is not difficult nowadays. It is now simple for you to take advantage of the opportunities. To avoid being scammed, all you need to do is find reliable websites.

Keep in mind that there are lots of scammers outside who promote writing jobs and online jobs can steal your stuff. You don’t want to exhaust all your options only to fall victim to fraud. You must be aware of several trustworthy websites for this purpose. Some of the locations to think about are listed below.

Where to look for beginner writing jobs as a freelancer

  1. Upwork

Upwork, once known as Odesk, is a one-stop shop for all types of writing tasks. This includes web design, information security, researchers, marketers, and developers. Of course, there is also freelance writing.

You can probably find a freelance writing job category in any area of interest.

You’ll specify your payment rate in your proposal (which is your bid). To demonstrate that you have the skill the client is seeking, you will additionally include information.

After reviewing the bids, the client will decide whether to invite you for an interview or offer you the job right immediately. Project requests are made at various levels so you can submit a bid for a project that suits you. They can be newbies, middle, or developed.

  1. Guru

You set up a profile on Guru and specify the freelancing services you want to provide. When looking for freelancers to hire, employers will be able to locate you through these services.

Additionally, you can look for jobs that appeal to you in any category and apply for them. This website makes it simple to demonstrate prior work you’ve conducted to support your suggestions. Additionally, they offer daily employment matches so you don’t miss out on a chance.

  1. Writerbay.com 

There are 4 easy steps to getting started at Writerbay.com. To enlist, you must finish an application. After that, you’ll complete a grammar and format exam before writing a brief essay sample.

Finally, if relevant, post any advanced degrees or certificates you may have. There are no signup costs, and the site’s earnings are good.

  1. Genuine jobs

One of the easiest websites to use is Genuine Jobs. Simply select “apply now” on their homepage. You’ll arrive at a landing page listing every freelancing position available on the employment board.

Explore until you discover one that appeals to you, then submit an application. On the provided search page, you can also look for jobs using keywords. This website is free of cost.

  1. Networker.com

Networker.com is an online marketplace where writers can post their writing abilities. It is an easily accessible website. This website is free of cost. Writers have to pay to find jobs. It is a trustworthy place, especially for beginners.


As you can see, starting out as a new freelance writer is fairly easy. There are several websites available where you can quickly locate work.

The salary is the main drawback of a new freelance job. Up until you have a strong portfolio of samples and established your credibility, you’ll frequently have to settle for a lower payment amount. But don’t let that discourage you. It can be immensely soothing to write

But improving your writing is a terrific approach to boost your credibility. I strongly urge you to check out networker.com, a website which absolutely free and trustworthy. 

Additionally, you’ll pick up a lot of knowledge. You’ll frequently be hired for freelancing work on subjects you know little to nothing about.

You’ll be pushed to learn more as a result of this. It could eventually turn into a full-time profession or a profitable side business.

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Ahsan Khan
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