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Best Online Coding Assessment Platform In 2022

In the forthcoming years, India will need around   skilled professionals across different sectors such as banking, financial services, logistics, housing, healthcare, security, and call centers.However, it has become a huge and challenging task for organizations to manually hire such enormous numbers of employees. The question here is how organizations can achieve these goals. Additionally, implementing a skills assessment system will enable your organization to achieve its goals and objectives and hire talent accordingly.

Skill assessment tools have significantly helped the recruitment process, leading to tremendous growth in the recruitment industry in India. According to online recruitment statistics, about 95% of industries plan to speed up the recruitment process in the near future by adopting modern recruitment trends. we can conclude that this software can act as an IT recruiter’s bible for hiring technical talent.

As a result, various online coding assessments are added as organizations have to evaluate candidates through all possible aspects of recruitment such as communication skills, technical skills and cultural fit. So, here on this blog, we have compiled a list of skills assessment companies that will enable you to deploy the ideal tool for your organization’s needs.

Top Skill Assessment Companies

Yaksha is a skills assessment platform that helps you scale your recruitment process effectively and efficiently. They will provide customized assessments for pre-employment screening, proctoring, onboarding, security, certification exams, candidate skills assessment, and training and development. They provide hackathons, role-based assessments, coding assessments and knowledge-based assessments. They will also provide you with solutions for the organizational growth process, such as training needs analysis, performance appraisal, succession planning, leadership development and potential employee identification. You can connect with Yasha if you are looking for various L&D and HR solutions like campus hiring, talent screening, onboarding solutions, employee engagement, interview-as-service and internal movement.


eLitmus is another leading platform in India that administers a national level potential recruitment test called the pH test, which has three sections: Verbal Ability, Problem Solving and Quantitative Skills. They offer a wide variety of online resources. These technologies make it easier for recruiters to screen and select candidates based on this and many other criteria. eLitmus can effectively address both sides of this problem using new assessment techniques and state-of-the-art technology

9 Links

9 Links provides you with online psychometric tests for organizational development and behavioral assessment. They provide in-depth modules focused on skills for better work fit, performance appraisal and training and development, which are thoroughly researched and created. Exams can be adapted for employment in different industries, organizational levels and functions. You can choose from a variety of services they provide, including 3SAQ, sales test, customer service test, cognitive ability test, integrity test, retail test, behavioral assessment and leadership assessment.


HackerRank is developing a single dashboard to help organizations find, screen, interview and hire competent people. It offers a customizable IDE and a virtual whiteboard for evaluating and ranking candidates based on their creative abilities to streamline remote recruiting processes. In addition, managers can use it to generate test scores and shortlist candidates from career websites, simplifying school visits. It provides you with a plagiarism detection system with the most authentic results. It is the most suitable platform for more than 95 technical tasks, eight pre-built frameworks and 40 languages ​​for their subscribers.


In the above blog, we have gone through various organizations that provide the best coding assessments for recruiters to make the hiring process simple and efficient. Choosing the best tool depends on your organization’s needs as well as ease of use. Considering all these factors, we can conclude that Update blog is one of the best platforms that provides you with almost all the features required for a hassle-free recruitment process.

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