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Best News Websites Ever in the World 2022


Nigeria is home to an active and diverse newspaper publishing industry. Finding the most relevant news websites or newspaper for your needs may be difficult because more than 100 English-language publications are available in Nigeria, and more are added each year. We’ve selected news sources that meet our criteria in quality, have a high level of accuracy and are regularly updated, and are available for free. In addition, we believe adding descriptions to every list will help visitors find their way around the Nigerian publishing market.

The Top Ten Nigerian News Websites and Newspapers

Newspapers online in Nigeria can be read. Currently, most Nigerian publications have news websites where users can read Nigerian news through a mobile or computer. Thus, you can visit each Nigerian newspaper listed below and read the information for free if you do not have enough money to buy the newspaper of your choice.

Vanguard Newspaper

Nigerian Daily paper Vanguard News publishes news on the news of the moment and the latest news in politics, breaking news, entertainment, romance, and sports. One of the most prestigious newspapers in Nigeria at the moment is Vanguard. It has a long tradition of being Nigeria’s most engaging, stimulating reliable, thorough, and reader-friendly newspaper.

Premium Times

A Nigerian multimedia newspaper that provides current, accurate, and reliable information. Nigeria is the most trusted news source for fast, reliable breaking news and detailed reports on Nigeria. It is possible to get the most up-to-date information from Nigeria and around the globe. It include business and reports on sports, weather forecasts, video reports, analyses, and commentary by Premium Times.


Cdn-af.feednews.com News, a renowned news site in Nigeria. It is your single-stop source for all your informational needs. Visit Cdn-af.feednews.com to view our news article online to find out more details.

Cdn-af.feednews.com is the most popular news site in Nigeria. It is your all-in-one source for all your informational needs. Visit Cdn-af.feednews.com to read our latest news story online to find out more. The preferences and interests of the audience can be considered when making a variety of article styles. You can choose to go through the stories that capture your interest.


Lagos is the home of the most trusted newspaper and news websites in Nigeria. Nigerian and international news is delivered to you by us first! Please find the most up-to-date information on politics, sports business, entertainment, and life in Nigeria as it occurs.

This Day Live

Politics, breaking news, business, markets, the arts, sports, community, and the intersection of individuals and society are but some of the subjects covered by THIS DAY LIVE. It is Nigeria’s top news outlet and is available via all platforms to Nigeria’s professional, business, political and diplomatic elite, and a large middle class. It is also an open platform for exchanging new notions, concepts, and technologies for aspirational and millennials.

Independent Nigeria

In the world of newspapers, Independent Nigeria is the newspaper of which the most powerful and wealthy are the most avid readers. We are a top-quality active, vibrant, and financially sound publication that educates and guide the country’s current and future economic, political, business, and cultural leaders; inspires and challenge journalists in Nigeria to work for and protect the public interest and to provide an exceptional value to all parties.


The oldest newspaper in Nigeria and the most reliable source for news can be found in the Nigerian Tribune. For up-to-date news on business, politics, entertainment and commentary, marriage, and other relationships in Nigeria, visit Tribune Online.


The WELL promotes and enhances the conversation in the nation by reporting breaking news and giving readers and contributors a platform to influence public policy, public opinions, and, in the end.

The Gazette

It is believed that the Nigerian paper The Gazette, famed for making history concerning Nigerian journalism professions, is now on track to achieve the same feat in journalism mentorship. Mainly focused on Nigeria, the Nigerian population is believed to be the largest user of the most well-known online platforms for social media across Africa. Today, the online news site has taught over 100 youngsters to write and evaluate social media’s efficacy in news gathering and distribution.

Denton News Online

DentonNewspaper.com serves as a platform for the news business, politics, and entertainment for Nigerians who reside in Nigeria and abroad. Balance is crucial in DentonNewspaper.coms approach to news gathering reportage, dissemination, and collection.

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