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Best Minecraft Mods

Mojang has maintained the Minecraft player base thanks to the large number of mods created by the fans themselves and that vary the gameplay.

That Minecraft is one of the phenomena of the 21st century is an undeniable fact. Since it came out in 2009, it has remained one of the most played titles today and it helps a lot that it is available on almost all platforms and that its gameplay is rich and varied, being able to adapt to different player profiles. Other elements that have allowed it to remain on the podium of the public’s favourites are the mods, which substantially vary the game experience and, even being the same, allow us to think that we are facing another totally different title.

And they are not products developed by Mojang, the company that owns their rights, but rather the fans themselves who test their imagination and skills to create them and allow others to play and enjoy it for free: some have been made possible thanks to campaigns of crowdfunding.

Next, we leave you a list with the best Minecraft mods made so far.


Botania is a Minecraft mod focused on magic and nature . Thanks to a manual that has the botania lexicon you will be able to know what are all the objects and magical abilities that you can obtain by crafting the new materials and biomes that it offers you.

The objective is to empower the imagination of the players so that they create artefacts or systems without the use of tools or technology, simply with all the natural resources that are made available to you.

It is a very different mod from the rest because there is no end, prize or mission : it is simply about enjoying playing for the sake of playing, exploring the universe, enjoying the creation mechanics and the scenarios.

To do this, they have tried to encourage the open world and offer an immersive experience. And the best: you won’t need to use tools or chop!

Pixelmon Generations

Minecraft and Pokémon are two of the most beloved sagas by the public. And despite the fact that they have very different mechanics and graphic styles, someone has managed to unify them in the same universe! The result is Pixelmon Generation, a mod that will allow you to go through your server as usual, except that along the way you will be able to find more than 500 Pokémon.

And these are not just for decoration: as in the original titles, you can capture them, train them, evolve them and fight with them. And to get them all, you will have to visit every corner of their map : search caves, savannahs, forests and deserts and complete the pokédex.

Jurassic Craft

If you are fascinated by dinosaurs and haven’t missed a single Jurassic Park movie , this is the mod for you ! In it you can recreate a dinosaur theme park, create new ones by modifying their base DNA and move around large environments thanks to cars and helicopters.

And the best of all? That the exploration mechanics are perfect, and will allow you to fully exploit your design and imagination skills and you will be fascinated to see the interaction between these mythical prehistoric animals.

And if you want to expand your park, you can create a museum with all the fossils and amber that you find in your universe. You will have nothing to envy to Animal Crossing !

Steve’s Carts 2

This mod is designed for those who want to maximize the possibilities of rails and minecarts. Of the three types of vehicle available in the normal game, here we turn to infinite possibilities: you can change its appearance, its functionalities, incorporate weapons, have it move by solar panels…

Can you imagine building dozens of underground metro stations with several lines for your universe? Well it is possible! In fact, the game tries to stimulate the imagination so that all kinds of constructions can be made and combinations of materials can be made to create unique and unrepeatable wagons. You can even design your own amusement park .

The Aether 2

For many, it is the mod with the most content and the one that has been given the most care of all those that have been made. It is the opposite universe to the Nether, the underground world where we face the final boss of the game.

We have before us a totally new world with materials and enemies never seen before, new tools, weapons and armor to craft and scenarios that differ from the usual gaming experience.

The structures, the levels, the dungeons and the final bosses that we face will allow us to immerse ourselves in a completely different atmosphere and story.

The best of all is that it is constantly updated, so that there is more and more content to be entertained with. The Necromancer will be the character that guides us and tells us what the new world will consist of… it will be an incredible experience!

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