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Best Makeup Products You Need to Try in 2023

Skinimalism was the top trending makeup look in 2022 – but trendsetters are predicting bold colors for the new year. Everything from graphic eyeshadows, layers of eyeliner, and enough blush to make you blush. Bright and beautiful are the keywords for this season. The highlight is getting your beauty shopping done online, so there is every reason to unleash your inner celebrity.  

Let us look at the 4 biggest questions makeup lovers ask:

1 –  What is the 2023 look for eyes?

This season is all about the eyes. We all know that the eyes are the window to the soul. Celebrity makeup artists predict that the eyes will be the dominant focal point in 2023. We check out the top 3 brands to help you keep your eyes on the prize.

Graphic Eye Colors

Rev up your eye game with bold colors. Last year was all about sheer, warm colors, like pinks and reds. Expect this to go up a notch in the new year with unexpected tones like watermelon, coral and dusky rose. For added emphasis, play with different textures as well. You can choose from sheer satin, emphatic matte, total glossiness, or a gorgeous stain. MAC is known for being top of the pile with eye colors. We expected nothing less than the best from a company called Makeup Art Cosmetics.

Best choices from MAC:

  • Eye shadows: these are stunningly soft and are best for blending when you are after a specific look
  • Paint pots: these are highly pigmented and very long-lasting. Best for color-block effects
  • Eye shadow palettes:  designed to give you all the complementary colors in one easy case. If your look needs some complexity, these are a great way to get everything in one

Bold Liner Looks

Eyeliners are at the forefront of making your eyes stand out. Although graphic eyeliner is not a new trend, makeup artists are bringing them back for the full effect this season. Tricks that you want to try – bold eyeliner with gemstone embellishments. This look is seen on runways and in all the hottest clubs. We recommend Smashbox for its fascinating liners.

Best choices from Smashbox:

  • Liquid eyeliners: still the simplest way to ensure crisp, sharp lines that stay
  • Eye pencils: best for doing softer effects, and Smashbox has an always-sharp range that makes this even easier
  • Gel eyeliners: glide on, are super color saturated, and stay for about 24 hours

Brows and Lashes

Complete the look by ensuring your eyebrows and lashes match your choice of shadow and liner. Lustrous lashes always look good, and some celebs are going the extra mile with colored lashes. A pop of color, particularly at the outer corner of your eyes, is the way to go. Brows are getting thinner and lighter or extra dramatic on the opposite end of the runway. If you opt for the thin and light version, there is no need to peroxide your brows. Lighten them with clever makeup for a similar and less permanent effect. Elegant arches and fluttering full lashes are the aims here. For spectacular lashes, we recommend Lancome.

Best choices from Lancome:

  • Waterproof and smudge-proof mascara: long-lasting, works from the beach to the club
  • Enhancing mascara: choose between added volume, extra lift, extra curl, or lash thickening; there is no limit to what you can do with your lashes.
  • Extreme mascara: add serious volume, length, and intense color with one application. The secret is in the s-shaped wand

2 – How do I get Luscious Lips?

If you are going to make your lipstick pop, keep the focus there, and use a lighter touch on the eyes. Highlighting both the eyes and lips tends to wash the whole effect out. Unless you are creating the glamorous vamp look, then tone down your blush. It is all about balance. Well-moisturized lips are inviting. Use a matching lip liner to get the best effect. To make your lips look as luscious as you feel, L’Oréal is the way.

Best choices from L’Oréal:

  • Deep moisturizing lipsticks with rich colors: classic, perfect, and moisturizing
  • Lip Stains: when your eyes are the focal point, a glossy lip stain will keep your lips invitingly kissable without being overwhelming
  • Matte lipsticks: ideal for long-lasting wear. There are also matte lip stains for those days when touch-ups are a drag

3 – How can I be a blushing beauty?

Cheek balms are a stunningly simple way to give your lips and cheeks a magical glow. One of the hottest trends this season is the sunburn blush. Use enough blush to give your skin a glowing, healthy look. Popularized by stars like Rihanna, it makes you look like you have just come home from a sun-kissed tropical paradise. Without any real-life skin damage. Win-win. Next up is blush-draping. Achieve this by contouring with blush instead of bronzers for a youthful and cheek-bone-emphasizing glow. Clarins has some cheeky products worth raving over.

Best choices from Clarins:

  • Blush powders: an absolute makeup staple, these are perfect for any blush needs and blend well
  • Highlighter sticks: these come with blush and give you the best of both worlds. Bring out your best features and make them pop 

4 – What if I still want skinimalism?

There is no need to chuck out your minimalist palettes just yet. The nude look is still appropriate in some places, like at work or for a casual day out. What is the basis of a perfect nude look? The right foundation! Keep your eye and lip colors soft and natural, and make sure your skin looks clean and healthy. We all have imperfections, and perfect skin is easy to fake with BareMinerals.

Best choices from BareMinerals:

  • Foundation with SPF: 100% vegan, with pure organic ingredients and sun protection – what is not to love?
  • Concealer: for those annoying spots where nothing less than hiding them will work

Facing the Future

With bold colors and lines this season, we are encouraged to go out and take over the world. Step out in style this season, and get all the attention you deserve. Trending looks are fun, and playing with color is also good for mental health. Choose your look, get the best makeup, and get out there and put your best face forward.

Cheers to a new year as bold and bright as you are!

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