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Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles: Remove Dark Circles Under the Eyes


Your beauty starts with your face. The first sight of people is on your face. In such a situation, even if your face cut or complexion is not as attractive as you want, but the brightness of your eyes matters most. On the contrary, if you are very beautiful, your skin is shiny but there are dark circles under the eyes, then it becomes like a stain in your beauty. Dark circles or dark circles under the eyes start coming with fatigue, lack of sleep or ageing. Due to which you start looking older than your age.

Although women resort to makeup to hide dark circles, but instead of makeup, you should try to remove dark circles in a natural way. Here we are going to tell you some easy home remedies, by adopting which you can easily remove the dark circles under the eyes.

Why are there Dark Circles

There can be many reasons behind dark circles under the eyes. These include heredity, aging, dry skin, excessive tearing, working long hours in front of the computer, mental and physical stress, lack of sleep and lack of nutritious food. According to health experts, this dark circle can occur in men or women of different age groups.

Dark circles means dark circles under the eyes are a common problem that troubles every other human being, mainly due to excessive fatigue, poor lifestyle, consuming less amount of water, spending hours in front of laptop and mobile, sleeping less and thus badly affect the health.

Dark circles are quite a troubling problem as it spoils our entire look. In such a situation, if your face does not look beautiful, then it is natural to be worried. If you are also troubled by this problem, then you can use a best eye cream for dark circles and some home remedies for you, which can get rid of the problem of dark circles.

Dark Circle Treatment

If you are also troubled by dark circles, then use a best eye cream for dark circles, milk, because it is very beneficial for the treatment of dark circles and has skin lightening properties.

Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles

Apply Cold Milk on Dark Circles

Milk is used in every household. Milk is also very beneficial for the skin. Cold milk can be used to remove dark circles. For this, soak a cotton ball in milk in a bowl. After that keep the cotton covering the dark circles around the eyes. Leave the cotton on the eyes for about 20 minutes. Afterwards wash the eyes with fresh water. If you follow this procedure regularly in the morning and at night, then you will soon see the effect or you can also use a best eye cream for dark circles with shea butter and milk ingredient properties.

Use Rose Water

Like milk, rose water is also beneficial for your skin and eyes, so mix rose water in cold milk in equal quantity and soak cotton. Then place it over your eyes. After about 20 minutes, remove the cotton and wash the face with fresh water. If you do this every day, then in a week the dark circles will be visible from your face.

Almond Oil will Remove Dark Circles

You can also apply almond oil by mixing cold milk. Soak two cotton balls by mixing both in equal quantity. Then lie down and leave it for 20 minutes covering the dark circles around your eyes. Afterwards wash the face with water.

Remove Dark Circles with Honey and Lemon

Mix lemon juice in a spoonful of raw milk. When the milk breaks down, add a spoonful of honey to it, apply this mixture on the eyes and massage it for some time. Then leave it like this for 10 minutes. After that wash off with water.


In fact, cucumber is considered very beneficial for health. Also, it is equally beneficial for skin related problems. Using this you can get rid of dark circles. For this, first cut the cucumber into slices. After that keep it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Then after 30 minutes take them out and leave them on your eyes for 10 minutes and then wash the eyes with water.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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