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best distance education courses in India

In India, most of the students come from middle-class or low-class families which cannot afford a college yet to fulfill the basic human right, their children enroll in colleges while working part-time or full-time. 

If we look at the stats extracted from 2018, we will find that 81% of the students were employed in part-time jobs to pay their bills. If we estimate the percentage as of 2022, it would probably be higher than this.

Who Are We?

To provide the students with the best university for distance education, R Square Career Guidance, we come to life. We focus to provide our students with the best distance education with a flexible schedule. 

We have a team of skilled and experienced counselors who have counseling sessions with students time-to-time to carve the best out of our students. New to the industry yet our reviews touch the sky. Are you also one of the employed students? Join us. We bet you’ll have our name tongue-tied. 

What Do We Provide?

We are known for our education quality. Let’s take a glance at each of the different services we provide. 

1. 16 Different Courses:

We provide a countable number of 16 best distance education courses in India, naming a few: BBA, BA, B.Sc, MBA, B.Com, and many others. However, one can obviously not become a doctor without practice. Thus, we do not have an MBBS course. 

2. Course duration:

According to the student’s chosen course, the course duration may vary from 1 year to 3 years. You may find it takes less time than the courses from a regular college. 

The Placement Info.

During the placement duration, once the course has been completed, the college will provide assistance to the candidate to get placed at an organization. The best quality education will be provided for the student to make it through the placement. 

However, the candidate must be skilled enough to get placed in the company. No college or university guarantees placement because if the candidate isn’t skilled enough, no company would like to hire and pay.

Where Are We Located?

We are located in the beautiful city, of Mohali, Punjab. It isn’t so far away as our center can be reached through local transport. In the city of Mohali, we are known as the best university for distance education

Why Did We Start?

Since everything went online all of a sudden and at a distance back in 2020, we could realize the difficulties, not just the professors were facing but also the students. Thus, we came up with the idea to provide online distance education in India

We found out that there are approximately 11 distance learning colleges in India. Our priority is to provide the best future to the student by guiding them at our best. This is what inspired us to go ahead with our idea. 

Why Should You Join R Square Career Guidance?

The first point we would like you to consider is the flexibility we provide without any compromise on the quality of education. In addition, we are the best distance learning college in Mohali.

You will get access to 16 different courses from different fields of education. In the end, the best reason to consider is our experienced and skilled counselors who will help the candidate go through the journey in the smoothest way. 

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