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Best CNY Snack Shops in Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

The Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner and it’s time to stock up on some delicious snacks and cookies to enjoy or share during gatherings. In addition to planning a sumptuous reunion dinner, it is equally important to prepare a dim sum platter for guests when they visit.

The following are some shops that I have prepared for you where you can buy New Year’s goods in Johor Bahru, I hope it can help you!

1. Mr Sotong

Mr Sotong is a shop selling native products that is filled with memories and the warmth of nearly all Johoreans. Here you will find a wide range of local childhood snacks. Mr. Sotong’s goal is to pass on traditional food culture to the younger generation. He is always available if you need some childhood snacks.

Their most important food products are mainly made from squid, as their name implies. Dried Squid Snacks, with or without sugar, Squid-savory snacks, and Japanese Dried Squid Shears are just a few examples.

These squid snacks can only be prepared using fresh squid. This ensures their freshness and flavor.

Apart from that, Mr Sotong offers a wide range of dried snacks to their customers, including Sour Plums, Indian Cashew Nuts (Japan Black Beans), Peach Plums, and Dried Sweet Apricots. These light snacks look good, but they are great for guests to enjoy during Chinese New Year.

2. The Cookies General

The Cookies General provides sweet and savory Chinese New Year cookies to their customers. The Cookies General is a great choice if you’re looking for traditional CNY cookies.

You might try their Spicy Shrimp Rolls, Seaweed Mini Rolls or Salted Egg Fish Skin. Their fried CNY snacks are made fresh using the finest food ingredients to preserve their texture and flavor.

In every kiosk, sweet cookies such as Green Pea Cookies and Peanut Cookies, Pineapple Tarts, Black sesame Cookies, and Green Pea Cookies are also available. You may also choose their crisp products, which are similar to nougat.

They will also be opening kiosks at Aeon Bandar Malacca and IOI Mall Puchong, as well as Main Place Mall, during the month of January and February just before Chinese New Year. Grab your foodie friends and go to their kiosks to try their CNY cookies.

3. Moonlight Cake House

Are you having trouble deciding which CNY cookies should be purchased during pre-CNY shopping Moonlight Cake House can help you solve this problem.

Moonlight Cake House currently offers a Golden Brick Promotion. Six different sweet and savory CNY cookies are included in each of their packages. Six different cookies will be included in the package: Coconut Oat Cookies (Italian Almond Cookies), Chocolate Oat Cookies (Coconut Oat Cookies), Kui Kapit with Chicken Meat Floss (Chicken Meat Floss), Pineapple Cookies, and Fried Shrimp Rolls. This promotion is great for foodies who want to satisfy their CNY cookie cravings. It also makes a great gift idea.

Pineapple Cubes are a key part of the CNY cookie series. The Chinese love to play with symbols and words. Ong Lai, also known as Pineapple (in GuangDong dialek), is a Chinese homonym that means ‘Luck Comes In. It is believed that pineapples and pineapple-related products can bring good fortune to those who eat them.

Moonlight Cake House proudly presents their Pineapple Cubes for the first time this year. They are packaged in a unique Pineapple packaging. Their pineapple cubes are golden in color with generous pineapple fillings inside. They will please every foodie.

Moonlight Cake House offers CNY treats such as Pineapple Cubes and CNY cookies. Moonlight Cake House also has special CNY cakes that are only available for a limited time. Their customers can enjoy Fondant Cakes featuring the appearances of Yuan Bao and Lion Dance’s Lion Head, as well as Traditional Glutinous Rice Cakes. Pre-booking is highly recommended as these cakes are in high demand during the CNY.

4. S.D.S

S.D.S Group, well-known for their quality confectionery and food products, is expanding its business. They are always available to provide their customers with a wide range of confectioneries. This included bread, pastries and cakes, as well as coffee, beverages, and common dining.

S.D.S has introduced their new Salted Egg series for the Chinese New Year. The new Salted Egg Chips are available, as well as Salted Egg Fish Skin Chips and Salted Egg Lotus Root Chips. They also offer spicy versions of their salted eggs series CNY snacks, which are great snacks for spicy food lovers.

S.D.S also offers a wide range of hampers at different prices that can be customized to suit the budgets and preferences of their customers. S.D.S is a great option if you’re looking for CNY snacks as well as hampers.

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Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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