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Best Call Center Software for Your Contact Center in India

call center telephony solutions
call center telephony solutions

A contact center is a central database that manages all customer interactions across multiple channels. The primary purpose of a contact center is to provide customers with efficient and effective technical support, customer service, and sales assistance.

When contacting customer service, most customers prefer phone support because the familiarity of speaking with a live person builds trust between a customer and a customer representative.

You will need effective call center software to provide excellent customer service. Managing phone support can be challenging for many growing businesses because it is the most time-consuming, least cost-effective, and hardest-to-measure support channel. 

Selecting the best call center software for your contact center in 2021 is essential. Below you can find popular call center software features to consider.


Look for a call center solutions provider that you can integrate with your other channels. Unified customer service experience increases agent efficiency and improves customer satisfaction. Omnichannel will allow you and your agents to view the context of previous customer interactions regardless of the channel they took place on. 

Call Routing 

Look for call center software that includes automated call routing, allowing customers to choose a department after listening to a series of options. Call routing helps solve customer issues quickly and efficiently on the first try, increasing the first call resolution rate.

CRM Integration

Agents can provide more efficient customer support once they have more context about the customer who is calling. CRM integration gives your agents a detailed overview of a customer’s interaction with your business without asking the customer to repeat their issues each time they call. Agents can look at current customer trends and take steps to ensure that the customer doesn’t reach out again about the same problem.

Many call center tools provide context through computer telephony integration (CTI) pop-ups that identify a customer through their phone number and surface previous interactions through the browsers. 

Cloud-based Calling

Contact centers operating on cloud networks require a cloud-based calling system to align their online databases. Cloud-based calling or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system runs via internet connection. VoIP removes typical maintenance and infrastructure costs because a third-party provider usually offers this service.


Reports are important for any business, and a contact center is no different. Running a contact center allows you to view call center metrics like incoming call volume, call trends, and agent efficiency. 

Reports allow you to identify common issues that customers are calling about and highlight potential training opportunities. Without accurate reports on how your team handles traffic fluctuations, you can’t manage a schedule and plan for the future. 

Call Scripting

A call script picks up specific keywords in the customer’s email and offers troubleshooting instructions based on a standard answer. A call scripting feature allows you to create common scripts that all your agents can use. This ensures that your customer has a consistent experience regardless of the agent they have reached.

Escalation Management

Escalation management allows you to manage the growth process for urgent customer support inquiries. From the moment a customer calls with an issue, they can move forward with the appropriate party at each step of the process. Your agents can de-escalate issues by offering vouchers, discounts, and refunds through the escalation management software in that single call.

Now you know what to look for when choosing to invest in the best call center software for your contact center in 2021. The next step is contacting a reliable contact center solution provider Free PBX. 

Aavaz PBX will work closely with you and your team, asking guided questions to customize call center software for your contact center. Be assured that with Aavaz’s customized call center software, your contact center will gain a competitive edge over your competitors and help boost your business to new heights.

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