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Best Alternatives IntelX In 2022

IntelX is an unique and intelligent database navigation tool that employs quick intelligence to help you discover lost or compromised credentials, including Tor, I2P, data breaches, passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, and CIDR. Thousands of consumers from all around the globe have used the website, which enables them to acquire a quality package at an affordable price and with several features. It is a non-profit organisation with the primary mission of protecting internet users as much as possible by offering them control over their personal data.

The forum archives the darknet, document sharing platforms, whois data, public records releases, and other content, which is not shared with anyone else. You may set a default sign-up to remain in communication with the programme by entering your email address, name, optional business, country, and permission on the button. Utilize the convenient features and maintain a secure contact by registering for the service at no cost and in a short amount of time. Read more about the  AnimeHeaven.

Best Alternatives IntelX

1: LeakPeek

LeakPeek is an easy-to-use and proactive data sorting tool that assists you in determining if your sensitive data, such as passwords, email addresses, domains, or other credentials, has been stolen or disseminated as a consequence of a breach. Users may have access to URLs and APIs to automate searches, and a new query can be created when a range of results are discovered. You may register for site updates and functionality by simply entering your email address, password, and other information.

The needed items, such as a breach and other missing modules recovery, may be recovered quickly with the aid of a strong search engine, where vital numbers can be entered. Because the forum produces results in milliseconds, crucial passwords may be spotted by fraudulent or suspicious persons who may use the codes to withdraw money from bank accounts or apps, so save them all in one place.

2: LeakCheck

LeakCheck is a name to consider when it comes to trustworthiness and DeHashed alternatives. The software allows users to preserve individuals’ or organisations’ digital identities for surveillance reasons.

When looking for leaks, LeakCheck does not have as many criteria as DeHashed. It does, however, provide more accurate and extensive search results for a username and email address than DeHashed.

It also does not show any results to free users. You must pay for a plan, which is quite reasonable.

The platform is useful for businesses, common people, and developers since it allows them to retain their information and credentials while also protecting those of users who use their applications, websites, and so on.

Furthermore, LeakCheck members may query for their information and get search results practically instantaneously. This is accomplished by searching for leaked information in the platform’s databases and avoiding material from sources all over the internet that unlawfully contain your information.

To guarantee that its users get comprehensive protection and security, the platform keeps a vast database of leaked material and its sources. Furthermore, users may do bulk searches, which is quite useful, particularly for firms with a large number of employees.

3: Leakwatch

This is a versatile Java API and command-line application that allows users to search for data and information breaches in Java projects. It is a wonderful tool for anyone who want to keep their information safe when using the internet.

If any user information is hacked, they will get a message indicating what has been compromised. The website goes beyond DeHashed by offering consumers a team of professionals to assist them in regaining control.

Aside from the fact that no installation is necessary, another key advantage of the platform is its simplicity of use and free membership. It also allows you to create a centralised platform to detect any data breaches in your system.

Furthermore, most customers like the platform since the notifications have a minimal possibility of being false positives. Furthermore, for each discovered breach, the user receives a report that includes the best recommended actionable measures to assist them minimise risks and preserve their information.

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