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Best AI Writing Tools for Bloggers and Internet Marketers

Whether publishing fresh content can improve your blog’s search visibility is not unknown. However, it can be challenging to write new content daily, especially when you are keeping yourself busy. In such cases, using AI content can provide you with the best solution.

Now if you don’t know about artificial intelligence or AI tools, let me tell you, it is one of the powerful tools that can streamline, enhance or expedite your content creation. While you will be able to produce content in mass within a less period, there are such downsides that can make the whole procedure less appealing than the professional human writer.

In this post, you will glimpse the best AI writing tools that internet marketers and bloggers can use. Before you come to any decision, make sure that you read the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

What is an AI content writer?

It is a computer program that helps the user generate or write content with the help of the input it receives from the user. The user may provide the content writing tool with the information that helps the AI writer to generate a desirable result. The program helps to create content based on users’ specifications.

Do you need to use an AI writer for your blogs?

If you are confused about whether you should use an AI content writing tool to create your block post or article, then you need to estimate the pros and cons of using the tool. Here are some advantages you will experience if you use the AI content writer.

  • Provides the ability to produce content in lesser time
  • Marketers can increase the content output without researching and crafting blog posts
  • Boost your creativity
  • Give a structure to your block post or topic idea
  • Get help with your word count and keywords recommendation
  • Focus on other areas of business

But the list doesn’t end here. Apart from these advantages, people can enjoy various benefits as they invest in the AI content writing tools. But with that comes the disadvantages as well. Here are some of the disadvantages you may face using an AI content writing tool.

  • Incur higher cost
  • Lack of human touch
  • Lacks the accuracy and natural flow of the post

Best AI content writing tool


This writing tool was founded in 2021. Since then, it has attracted thousands of business owners to use this platform. Once you use this AI content writing tool, you will understand how intricately it balances user-friendliness and versatility.

This multifaceted tool is actually pre-trained to generate over 40 types of content. You must add a few lines of text in any supported 25 languages. Trust me, and you will get the most amazing logical landing page, SEO-optimised block post and even social media or Google ads. You can use this writing tool to paraphrase your pre-existing content, summarise text, generate content ideas, and expand your articles.

This content writing tool provides competitive pricing that ranges from $19 per month. But you can also enjoy a free trial before investing in this AI content writing tool. The starting price would provide you d allowance of choosing between 19000 words of premium content, 47500 words consisting of good content and 95000 words of average content


Formerly, this was known by the name of Jarvis. It is one of the popular AI content writers. You can use this open-source machine-learning platform for your natural language processing. It is one of the excellent AI content writing tools that help you to create marketing content if you have a business website.

Don’t worry about your search rankings. It helps to generate content that performs exceptionally well in the search ranking. Some of its powerful features can actually create long-form articles with only basic commands. This content-writing tool allows one to choose from over 50 copywriting templates.

You need to invest $59 per month to get the alarms of 50000 words. If you want to double the count, you have to make an investment of $99 per month. Now if you are paying an upfront annual rate, this AI content writing tool can provide you with a favourable discount of 17% per month

Article Forge

With Article Forge, you can get two unlimited plan options. No matter which option you choose, you will be able to use it in a cheaper way than any other option. Even if you think Article Forge’s pricing plan are expensive for you, you can take a look at these article forge coupon codes https://grabhosts.net/deals/article-forge-coupon-code/ to receive exlcusive discount on your preferred pricing plan. Speaking about the speed, this has a rate of 5.84 words per second. You can also expect the content to satisfy the deep learning models.


It is one of the popular AI writing tools that can enhance the blog post. Instead of generating any long-form article, this writing tool can help to improve the post readability. It actually checks for conciseness, clarity and correctness.

Want to know one of the most significant advantages of using Grammarly? Well, it actually proofreads your work. You can use this writing tool to edit or write your email, documents or wordpress articles. The best part is that this online writing assistant provides a free service. However, if you are looking for premium plans, you need to purchase them by paying $12 monthly. As you invest in the paid plans, you will get various advanced features, including a plagiarism checker.

Kontent Machine

It is one of the best regarding quality, coverage, uniqueness, user experience, and more. But let me tell you, a year with Kontent Machine can be way more expensive than any other strategy or plugin. However, if you invest in Kontent Machine, I assure you that you can create articles in bulk.

Kontent Machine is also a paid tool for SEO Bloggers that will cost you money up to $37 every month. However, thanks to these Kontent Machine Discount Codes https://grabhosts.net/deals/kontent-machine-discount/ you can get it with a massive discount.

Try AI content writer today

The main advantage of using AI content writers is that they can produce and publish more content in less time. Especially if you are writing any word press blog, the AI content writer can streamline your content creation process.

However, it may not be the best option for everyone. Hence, before deciding whether you should invest in any AI content generator, you need to go through this article before making any decision.

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