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Manik Gemstone: Various Benefits of Wearing a Ruby Stone

Throughout history, gemstones have been admired for their captivating beauty and mystical properties. Among these precious gems is the Ruby, the King of gemstones. This stone is known as the Manik gemstone in Hindi. It is a popular gemstone used all over the world.

Standing out from other gemstones for its beautiful blood-red color, this stone is the birthstone for July. A symbol of passion, vitality, and power, the Manik stone is associated with the astrological planet Sun.

This stone gives various benefits to the wearer. In this blog, we have mentioned many advantages of the mystic Ruby stone, including its price, medical benefits, spiritual significance, and astrological significance.

Astrological Significance of Wearing a Ruby Stone

Astrologically, the ruby stone is said to be ruled by the Sun, the king of all celestial bodies.

The Sun represents warmth, fierceness, vitality, authority, and individuality. This is why it is believed that wearing a Ruby stone will strengthen the position of the Sun in the wearer’s horoscope. And it will bring forth favorable outcomes, success, and recognition. It will provide name and fame to the wearer.

Indeed, an original Ruby Gemstone is renowned for its association with leadership qualities and authority. It increases the self-confidence of the wearer as well as self-esteem. This stone enhances ambition and helps the wearer overcome many obstacles to finally achieve the purpose of the goal.

Additionally, the many benefits of wearing a ruby stone also include enhancing willpower, energy levels of the person, drive, and the ability to make wise decisions.

Also, this stone is known to bring love into the wearer’s life. Therefore this stone is often recommended to married couples or individuals who are looking for a perfect partner.

Medical Benefits of Wearing a Ruby Stone

A ruby gemstone is also believed to have many physical healing properties which is why it is highly used.

As per Vedic astrology, wearing a Ruby stone is believed to enhance the vitality, energy levels, and overall physical well-being of the wearer. It stimulates the blood circulation and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system.

The stone’s vibrant red color is associated with the life force and can help combat fatigue, improve stamina, and support the body’s natural healing abilities.

The Ruby stone also has a positive impact on the digestive system. It can help alleviate issues such as indigestion, acidity, and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. The stone also stimulates the appetite and improves nutrient absorption. Overall it contributes to keeping health better.

Spiritual Benefits of Wearing a Ruby Stone

The Ruby Stone has extreme spiritual significance. This powerful gemstone enhances the inner strength and courage of the wearer. It also increases determination and motivation.

Therefore, wearing a Ruby stone can help overcome fears and ignite a sense of purpose. Spiritually awakening the person and increasing a sense of self this stone is often recommended for individuals who are seeking to manifest their goals and achieve success.

Furthermore, the blazing energy of ruby stone also stimulates passion, creativity, and self-expression. It activates the sacral chakra, which governs emotions, relationships, and creative pursuits.

Plus the ruby stone can help unlock and unleash one’s creative potential. Enhancing artistic abilities is the best stone to increase your imagination powers.

Price of the Ruby Stone

The price of a Ruby stone can vary significantly based on several factors, such as color, clarity, carat i.e. weight, and cut.

It can also vary based on the quality of the gemstone. Fine-quality Rubies with good clarity and minimal inclusions are sold at the highest prices. 

The rarity and scarcity of high-quality Rubies contribute to their premium prices.

The price of ruby stone in India starts from the range of 550 Per Carat to 50000 Per Carat. But it can cost more than this as well.

Although, before buying a ruby stone ensure that the stone you are buying is suiting your birth chart or not. Some of the things that you should check are mentioned here, please visit – Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Ruby Gemstone


The Manik gemstone with its vibrant color and powerful energy is one of the most used and demandable stones in the world. Providing a number of benefits to those who wear it this stone is the one over which blood has spilled.

From its positive impact on physical well-being to its ability to ignite passion and creativity, wearing a Ruby stone can enhance various aspects of life. Moreover, its astrological significance, particularly in relation to the Sun, bestows the wearer with qualities of leadership, ambition, and success.

However, it is important to source genuine and high-quality Rubies to ensure optimal benefits of the gemstone. Hence, buy your ruby gemstone from the most trusted online store Rashi Ratan Bhagya. All the loose gemstones are authenticated and lab-certified.

Many other gemstones that you will find on their website are red coral, pearl, opal, hessonite, cat’s eye, yellow sapphire, emerald, etc.

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