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Before hiring a commercial cleaning service

When hiring a commercial cleaning service for your business, you want a service that is cost-effective, efficient and affordable. Many commercial cleaning companies claim to be “the best,” but what does that really mean? What do you need to know before using such a service?

Make sure the business has bonds, insurance and licenses

Your state must have records of any business you are considering and may request a copy of the company incorporation and general license. These documents must be quite heavy for the company concerned; is this limit enough for you?

The market should not be the first consideration

Any professional cleaning company combining, insurance, and licensing will reflect this in their rates. In other words, they won’t be the cheapest cars, but they will be better for you than these cheap carriers with no cover. This is the protection you need because in the event of a breakdown the cleaning company you are paying for is a service, it will be easier to remedy the situation if the company is professional, connected, insured and authoritative.

Does the company regularly screen its employees?

Does the commercial cleaning service you’re considering perform background checks on their employees? These people can be alone in your office at night, after hours. This means that you will be able to trust them, and for that you need to know that the service you are considering checks the background of their employees. These agencies are required to conduct criminal investigations every six months. Some commercial Erhvervsrengøring København companies do background checks when hiring, but then release them. Make sure the people you choose always do these things.

Experienced staff?

Of course there are many companies that offer training to their inexperienced employees, and that won’t stop you from hiring them. However, make sure that their employees are trained and treat your property with respect and care. Ask for the company’s employee service policies and employee handbooks or other publications.

What is a commercial cleaning service quality control plan?

Every company you work for should have a quality control plan outlining the correct policies and procedures to ensure that your employees always follow your standards. The quality control plan should ensure your satisfaction is paramount, including standard assurance procedures to address issues before you, the customer, notice them. This doesn’t mean that one shop cleaner will always be perfect, but every little problem has to be addressed before it becomes a big one.

Is the company you’re considering using “green” products?

It used to be a luxury to “clean green” which didn’t really matter, but not anymore. Today, environmentally conscious consumers know that it is better for business owners, employees, and the environment to choose a commercial cleaning company that uses only clean “green” cleaning products. . The services you use should only use “green” products, meaning they are good for the environment, your workplace – and you and your employees.

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