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Basic Properties & Usage of Rice Husk Briquetting Machine

If rice husk is available in a large quantity in your apartment and you want to make money from it, consider using a rice husk briquetting machine that converts the rice husk into briquette for further usage. It is one of the best ways to reuse the rice husk and create value from the product.

Basic Properties of Rice Husk

The outer layer of the rice, known as the “husk” or “hull,” is a type of biomass waste. It contains cellulose (40–50%), hemicellulose (10–30%), and lignin (20–30%) as components. Excellent material for briquetting is lignin, which has a high rate compared to wood (17%-32% for different types of wood).

What Are The Usages Of Rice Husk?

Due to its widespread availability and excellent burning value, rice husk is frequently used. It is simple to burn and has little ash and pollution. When compared to using coal, burning rice husk significantly lowers the SO2 rate of the exhaust. With its burning function, the rice husk is primarily used in a variety of ways.

• Used as fuel in daily life for cooking and heating water

• Burned to make clay bricks

• Used as fuel for boilers

• Burned to create electricity

Reasons To Make Briquettes From Rice Husk

Although the rice husk can be burned directly as fuel, much heat is lost in the process. Rice husk’s 10% to 30% bulk burning efficiency can be increased by making rice husk briquettes. When rice husk is converted into briquettes, its burning value surpasses that of wood by 60%, and its density is ten times more than its volume (almost twice as wood). It can continue to burn for two hours after the flame goes out because of its great density. The briquette also makes storage easier and lowers the risk of fire for rice husk in bulk.

The Rice Husk Briquette Plant’s Process

The length of the rice husk is typically around 7 mm, and some briquette machines, but not all of them, can briquette it. Making sure it is the right size is crushing. The properly moistened crushed rice husk can then be used to create briquettes in briquette makers. Obtain raw rice husk, dry it with a dryer, then smash it with a crusher, and finally turn it into briquettes with briquette-making equipment.

If the capacity of your rice husk briquette factory is limited, you can come up with a creative solution for drying, such as placing it in the sun. If not, we suggest utilizing a dryer such as a rotary drum drier to increase efficiency, create a continuous process, and maintain a uniform moisture level in the raw husk.

Final Words

After reading the above-mentioned points, hope you have aware of the basic properties and usage of the rice husk briquetting machine. Besides, at Ecostan, high-quality briquetting machine are manufactured; if you are planning to purchase them, contact them without any delay.

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