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Best Automated Trading Strategy in Forex

A forex trading strategy is a bunch of rules a broker utilizes to trade money matches. You would regularly develop a trading system and follow it with your mind. Yet many uses programmed robots to carry out an automated trading strategy. Now and again alluded to as FX robots or, just, ‘bots’, these are not actual robots. All things considered, they are exceptionally particular computer programs that have been made to complete a wide range of trading tasks. These reach from telling brokers when to put a trade (known as ‘signals’) to naturally putting and overseeing trades for a broker’s benefit.

It very well may be an off-the-stake forex robot with its own underlying trading principles, or it very well may be a framework the broker has planned themselves to follow their own trading procedure. Purchasing a business robotized trading framework is a lot simpler and faster than making one yourself, and in the event that you have restricted insight into forex trading, you are likely in an ideal situation paying oddball the rack. All traders look for best forex robots when it comes to making more profit.

There are a number of forex robots on the market. Some of them are well-respected systems but others may be below par or even scams, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase and make sure you buy from a reputable source. You should also make sure you have a full understanding of the robot you choose and are sure that it will operate in a way that aligns with your own trading goals.

What to Consider When Using Forex Robots


The robot should have been backtested in different market conditions and on a range of currency pairs. It should be able to perform different trades depending on varying market conditions. And should automatically close trades when it comes to lose.

Order size

Some robots perform best with a particular order size, so things may go wrong when the order size changes. It depends on the robot what they prefer and how they proceed with the lot size and type of order. For this, it is always a good choice to read robot documentation.

Live Trading Results

Check that the results promised are based on trading in the live markets and not just simulations. Live trading results can be found at MyFXBOOK.


This refers to the difference between high and low points during a specific period. Traders have their own personal preferences. When it comes to drawdowns, so you should choose a robot that fits your own.


Look for positive user reviews and testimonials. Trustpilot is one such great platform where you can verify the reviews of users because they fight against fake reviews.

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