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Autism Therapy at Home or at anAutism Care Center: New Mexico Residents Can Choose!

    It’s true. The best autism therapy programs can be implemented in an autism care center and then be continued at home. When people start a therapy journey of any kind, most of the time it begins in a clinical environment. With autism spectrum disorder, most people start their program out at a therapist’s office, but most of the hard work will probably be done at home or in the wider world. Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA, is a widely accepted method of therapy for people with autism. ABA therapy is a very adaptable model, and many families have a lot of success with ABA in home. New Mexico is known for its independence and individuality, people who live there want the freedom to choose whether to have ABA therapy in a care center, an office, or at home.  

What is ABA therapy and why is it suited for the home environment?

            ABA therapy has been around for nearly sixty years and is widely used to help with many behaviors, not just those associated with autism. The United States Surgeon General and the American Physiological Association both recognize ABA as an evidence-based best practice therapy for various interfering behaviors. It works by using positive reinforcement to encourage positive behavior. However, ABA therapy also discourages interfering behaviors by rewarding suitable behaviors. 

ABA is popular for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is the fact that a person can have access to therapy anywhere. It usually starts in a clinical setting like an office or maybe a socializing group, perhaps at an accredited autism care center. New Mexico residents can then take the social skills they learn outward into school, work, or elsewhere in society.  Many people find success with ABA in both office and home settings. Once the person gets started it’s up to them where they have their therapy sessions. 

ABA therapy teaches life skills that are useful every day and there might not be a better place to practice those skills than at home. Therapists can come into the home environment and get a great sense of the person’s communication and social skills. The real advantage to ABA in home, New Mexico, is being able to enhance life skills in an environment where a person is comfortable. If they need help dressing or feeding themselves, the home is the best environment for working on these areas. The comfort and security they feel at home could also be beneficial to the therapy. Therapy at home could unlock a person’s life skills and take them to a whole new level. 

            The goals of ABA for autism are to increase the quality of life for everyone. The therapy is designed to tackle interfering behaviors while increasing communication and enhancing life skills. Another great aspect of ABA is caregiver training. A care team at home is effectively deputized by an ABA certified therapist. They will provide the tools to maintain and even expand the person’s newly learned skills. 

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