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Arguments in Favor of DIY Colloidal Silver

Making your own colloidal silver with a good colloidal silver generator is preferable than buying commercial brands, although few people know about this. Here are some of the ways in which homemade colloidal silver Uk excels above store-bought varieties.

You can produce your own colloidal silver for so little money that you can afford to take a bath in it.

Yep, you guessed that correctly. You may avoid being overcharged by unscrupulous sellers of colloidal silver forever by learning how to produce your own. Only roughly 6 to 12 pennies’ worth of silver particles are found in a standard 4-ounce bottle of colloidal silver. But you’ll pay up to $30 for such a tiny bottle. An incredible 2,400% profit margin on each bottle!

However, a quart of homemade colloidal silver costs only a few cents to create. The only major expenses are the distilled water (about 79 cents for a gallon at Wal-Mart) and the pure,.999 fine silver wire (often included in the price of a generator) that will need to be replaced every year or two. Yet with a high-quality colloidal silver generator, a single pair of pure silver wire costing you approximately $25 can allow you to produce almost $24,000 worth of colloidal silver (no kidding!) over the course of a year, based on regular health food shop costs of up to $30 for a modest four-ounce bottle!

The price of silver wire, the electricity needed to run the generator (which is usually less than what is required to run a tiny Christmas tree light bulb), and the cost of the distilled water all add up to about 36 cents a quart or less, allowing you to produce a colloidal silver solution that is far superior to the commercially available alternatives. You can’t get much closer to “free” colloidal silver production than that!

By comparison, store-bought colloidal silver can cost up to $30 for a puny four-ounce container, so when you produce it at home, you can quite literally afford to bathe in it. Making a one-quart batch (at a cost of only 36 cents) and adding it to your bathwater is all that’s required. You won’t find anything else quite like it when it comes to how it makes your skin feel: at once calm and energised.

There is no risk of being sold watered-down colloidal silver products.

Recent lab tests found that only about 43% of bottled colloidal silver products tested actually contained the silver content specified on the label. Most store-bought products tested had significantly less silver than labelled. Some of them didn’t even have any silver particles in them.

One manufacturer who was caught selling “colloidal silver” without any actual silver particles in the solution claimed he had put the “vibrational pattern” of the silver in the water, and so didn’t see the need to add actual silver particles. As long as it is clearly stated on the packaging and labelling that the product does not include any actual silver particles, I have no problem with it. But don’t put too much faith in such a product improving your health and well-being!

Don’t get me wrong; homoeopathy has my undying support. However, even homoeopathy begins with the real thing before going through a series of diluting steps. It was then revealed that the music was being played throughout the bottling process to “transform the vibrational pattern” of silver particles into music (yes, music) and then transmit that pattern into the water. And yes, “colloidal silver” was the name given to this substance. Nonetheless, “musical water” could have been a better choice of name. Wishing you the best of luck, as SpongeBob would say.

For this reason, producing your own colloidal silver is crucial. It is possible to adjust the concentration of colloidal silver while making it at home with a high-quality colloidal silver generator. You can have colloidal silver generators that produce 5 ppm, 10 ppm, 20 ppm, or even hundreds of ppm, depending on your needs. But every time you make it, you know precisely what you’re getting. If you don’t intend to deceive yourself, you can’t be a victim of fraud.

The only way to ensure you don’t get ripped off by unscrupulous sellers is to have access to the means of producing your own colloidal silver. In fact, that is precisely what occurs when you have a top-notch colloidal silver generator in your possession. You’re the one making the colloidal silver UK therefore you get to control the concentration.

You, and not some random merchant, are in charge of your colloidal silver’s freshness and efficacy.

Making your own colloidal silver from scratch ensures that it has not been stored in a hot warehouse for months on end before being delivered to your local health food store, where it then stays on the shelf for another six months, losing strength, before you buy it. When you prepare it yourself, you know it will always be delicious. Each every silver atom has its maximum possible electrical charge.

Most commercial vendors won’t tell you this, but the cheapest costs can only be found when buying large quantities of colloidal silver in bulk from a manufacturing factory. In most cases, they purchase these massive volumes in 55 gallon drums, which are then sent to a contract manufacturing facility, where the colloidal silver is bottled up in those little four-ounce or eight-ounce bottles, and finally returned to the vendor in cases of 12 or 24 bottles.

From there, the inventory is stored in a warehouse, where it will remain through hot and cold seasons while it is slowly sold off to the various health food stores and internet merchants, who in turn sell it to colloidal silver users like you.

You have no idea how much electrical charge is remaining on the silver particles once you buy a bottle because all electrical charges in nature dissipate with time, and do so even faster when exposed to hot or cold. Why? Since you have no idea how long the colloidal silver was stored in a 55-gallon drum before being bottled, how long the bottle was stored in a hot or cold warehouse, how long it spent in the back of a UPS truck in the dead of winter or the scorching glare of summer, or how long it sat on a store shelf before you bought it, you should not use it.

If you have a good colloidal silver generator, you can produce your own colloidal silver at home and save a tonne of money. Never again will you have to wonder if the product was five, ten, fifteen, or even twenty-four months old by the time it was sold to you.

You can choose to make a new batch every time you run out, or you can discard older batches after three, six, or twelve months. (Even though I don’t see any signs of silver particles settling out of suspension, I still toss mine after a year. Of course, I don’t throw it out. I use it in our hot tub to prevent the formation of bacteria and mould, in the dog’s water bowl to prevent the growth of parasites, and in the laundry to prolong the life of washed items and keep them smelling and feeling clean.

It stands to reason that anyone who has paid $30 or more for a little, 4-ounce bottle of colloidal silver from a commercial vendor would be hesitant to throw it away. In contrast, it’s not a big deal when you produce your own high-quality colloidal silver for only approximately 36 cents a quart. You may prepare a new batch for pennies if you’re not sure about the freshness or strength of an older one, or you can just throw the older one out into the garden (yep, plants love it) and use the new one.

You may rest assured that your colloidal silver does not contain any additives such as fillers, colours, protein or gelatin coatings, or other unnatural substances.

Making your own colloidal silver allows you to avoid the chemicals and “stabilisers” typically found in store-bought varieties. You have complete control over the colloidal silver production process, so you always end up with pure colloidal silver.

You wouldn’t believe it, but many commercial colloidal silver sellers add additives that aren’t listed on the label. Some people even use yellow food colouring in theirs. They do this because they are aware that inexperienced colloidal silver users mistakenly believe that colloidal silver with a “golden” hue is more effective in fighting infections. Obviously, this is not the case in any way. There is no scientific evidence that suggests golden-colored colloidal silver supplements is more beneficial than clear colloidal silver. However, this bit of conventional “knowledge” continues to circulate, and some commercial colloidal silver sellers try to cash in on it by adding yellow food colouring to make their product appear golden-colored.

The difficulty is that when you add something to your colloidal silver, like salt, baking soda, MSM, aloe vera, or even food dye, you create a circumstance in which the silver particles begin to clump together in big clusters surrounding the additive. This is because the additive alters the silver particle’s electrical potential, causing the particles to attract rather than repel each other in the solution and cluster together. In addition to ingesting excessively large silver particle clusters rather than the far more effective individual silver micro-particles, this generally causes premature precipitation of the silver particles (i.e., the silver particles begin to fall out of suspension and coat the bottom of the bottle).

Historically, some suppliers of colloidal silver have coated the silver particles they provide with proteins or gelatin, presumably to make them more stable in the fluid. The issue that arises is that the coatings are so thick that microbial growth begins to spread on the coating’s outer layer, effectively covering the silver particles. The protein or gelatin coating prevents the silver particles from killing the bacteria. It’s true that microorganisms can multiply inside a colloidal silver solution.

With a good colloidal silver generator, however, you may produce your own colloidal silver and avoid this risk entirely. The “raw” nature of the billions upon billions of sub-microscopic silver particles in your solution indicates that they are uncoated and unbonded. There is nothing added to it, it is 100% silver. Therefore, the solution is incapable of supporting microbiological development.

Colloidal silver will always be readily available for your use.

Anyone who has used colloidal silver for even a short period of time has probably found themselves in a bind when they desperately needed some but didn’t have any on hand. You probably had to rush out the door and make a mad dash to the nearest health food store in the vain hope that they still carried your preferred brand. Or, you could order it online, but it would take a week or more to arrive.

Never again will you have to worry about not having enough colloidal silver on hand when you really need it, like when you feel a cold coming on, when one of your kids gets sick, or when you eat out and come home with food poisoning. All you need is a high-quality colloidal silver generator to make your own whenever you need it.

Instead, when you need some colloidal silver the most, you may whip out your generator, plug it in, and get to work generating some. As a family man, I can’t tell you how many times in the past 12 years I’ve been grateful that we had our own home colloidal silver generator when unforeseen health problems came and we were able to brew up a batch quickly and easily to nip a potentially catastrophic health problem in the bud.

In addition, we are constantly exposed to viruses well in excess of what you could be exposed to at home because we are in business and frequently dine out while meeting new clients. The FDA has issued numerous recalls in recent years of tonnes of food from restaurants owing to excessive microbial contamination, and you can read about it in the news. This includes anything from meat to lettuce to fruits and vegetables. Over the years, our family has fought off more than its share of “tummy bug” diseases and food poisoning. If you don’t frequently dine in restaurants, you might be surprised at how common this is.

There have been a few times when we’ve been sick from eating out, but each time we’ve been able to make a batch of colloidal silver and use it to stop the sickness in its tracks. This has prevented us from experiencing discomfort for several hours or even days, as well as lost work time and the cost of medical care. Moreover, we now feel much less vulnerable when eating in restaurants or travelling for work. There’s no need to worry about anything going wrong because we have our trusty colloidal silver generator on standby at all times!

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