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Apple Watch Series 6: I pass my turn

Yes, unlike other Keynote aftermaths, you did not find an article dedicated to them at 12:01 a.m. this morning, as is my habit in these cases.

I left for a good night and I am writing this article on my way to work, on the train.

Because frankly, it wasn’t a memorable Keynote, to say the least.

So there you have it, there’s a very good chance that, for the first time since their release, you won’t find a review of the new Apple Watch on a blog I’m involved with

Yesterday, Apple spread out the novelties of the Series 6.

The new novelty, should I say since it is limited to a blood oxygen level sensor, which several Keynote speakers have highlighted by showing its importance for health

31 minutes of presentation for that.

They know how to spread out, at Apple, when they don’t have much to bring.

Me, I could be interested for the sleep apneas which seem to be able to be detected now.

Still, the watch would have to last even a day in terms of energy, which my Apple Watch Series 5 cannot provide in GSM mode as soon as it is far away from the phone get parts from mayacellularparts.com, from very far not

No more than my 4 Series could

So just realize what it’s going to hold when you go to charge it while you’re in the shower and getting ready in the morning for, say, a short hour, which will fill the battery up to 50%.

And there, it will still be necessary to recharge it before sleeping, in addition!

I could still have cracked if an improvement in autonomy had been announced, or, what the rumor was talking about, a fast recharge had been possible on the new watch.But everything is fine then for Apple, autonomy level, are you okay?

As I explained to you above and many times here, on this blog, nothing of that unless you buy the watch WITHOUT the GSM function, and there, no problem to get through the day, or else unless not to move away from his telephone, but then, why not do without the GSM function when buying the watch?

No, this watch, with GSM, is still 599 francs minimum with a 44 mm case. If we add Apple Care, it’s 100 francs more.

So for once, I’m passing my turn, and I’m asking myself more and more the question of going back to a traditional watch, and keeping the Apple Watch only for sport.

Because having a black plate on my wrist that is useless from 3 p.m. in the afternoon, if by chance I spent part of the morning without my phone, it is useless to me.

Oh, I do have a charger in the office, but if I put my watch on it (a good hour to find half a charge), I forget it and don’t put it back on.

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So, it looks like the 7 Series will be brand new (which I’m looking forward to) in terms of design. I hope that his autonomy will be improved as a result.

Ah, nice, the new Apple Watch SE. Not too expensive and almost as powerful as an Apple Watch Series 5.And nice too, the fact of being able to configure the watches of his family from a single iPhone. We will have to see the use.

And then, the new one-piece bracelets are pretty. I tried the model to print to find out what is the right size for my wrist, it is the 5, and I must say that Apple is not bad when it puts us at the bottom left of the sheet around of our credit card, so that we place it on it and check that there is no reduction or increase in size when printing

For the rest of the Keynote?

Apple Fitness+ seems pretty cool to me, but reserved for the USA for now.

Apple One as well.

The iPads?

The iPad 8 is only a small improvement from version 7 with, of course, a beautiful processor, the A12, the same as the iPad Pro, but God it looks old.The idea of ​​putting TouchID in the lock button is excellent, especially in these times when we live in masks, USBC instead of Lightning is a very good idea.

By the way, what a pain, this FaceID, with the masks! You’re on the train, and everyone sees the code you enter to make up for the fact that he didn’t recognize you. In short…

600 francs saved, it’s always taken.

We will see what the next Keynote offers us about the new iPhones.

My iPhone X is really not very good in reception, especially when I compare it to my iPad Pro which sees signal where my iPhone has been in cabbage for a long time.

Advantage of large antennas, you tell me.

We’ll see what Apple offers in a few weeks.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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