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7 Important Features To Include In Your Android App To Get More Users


7 Important Features To Include In Your Android App To Get More Users

As of today, there are approximately 3.48 million android apps available for download on the Google Play store. And you know what, thousands of them are useless — no downloads, no reviews, they simply litter the platform.

It’s not just about creating another application, but a digital product that solves a particular problem or creates ease for users. In the end, it all comes down to the features a particular app offers.

If your app lacks what your target audience is looking for, then doom! There’s no other way you can convince them to keep your app installed on their mobile phones. 

But the question is, what people are looking for? What do they expect? Of course, there are some must-have features without which your app will never fulfill the objective of your users.

In this article, I’m going to cover those features in detail. So, if you are about to start working on an ingenious mobile app development dubai idea, you know what features to include in it.

  1. A User-Friendly Interface 

No matter what kind of application you are building and what its use will be, your users expect a smooth and friendly interface. Have you ever downloaded an application that had no clear instructions regarding navigation, where to go for which action?

It pissed you off and you deleted the app without a second thought. 

To create an impressive user interface, eliminate all the distractions. Your navigation should be easy to comprehend, a user should instantly get an idea of where to go for which action.

If possible, include a voice search so people can use their voice instead of typing long phrases. An auto-fill option would be a huge bonus. At any cost, a user should get what he/she was looking for.

  1. Simple, Yet Eye-Catching Login Page

Have utmost clarity when designing your app’s log-in page. If you use too many colors and elements, the fonts appear too big or small, it will affect the quality of the user experience.

The log-in page should be simple, yet pleasing to the eyes. Otherwise, you won’t get the number of leads or sign-ups you had anticipated. Make the call-to-action prominent and stand out on the entire page.

Use colors that evoke the emotions of trust and credibility, for example, the combination of blue and white. Don’t cause clutter; keep the page short and precise. Lengthy scroll downs irritate the visitors.

  1. Super-Fast Loading Speed

Websites that load faster reign the SERPs. The same goes for mobile applications — the faster they load the more a user enjoys using them. Test your application rigorously, apply the best coding practices, and do your best to minimize the weight of your application.

It should work seamlessly on all the platforms it’s supposed to be used on. An ideal load time of a mobile application is less than 10 seconds. Anything beyond that and your app users will find an alternative soon that’s faster and lightweight.

  1. Social Media Integration

Say people like your application. They want to know more about your company or brand, how would they connect with you outside the app? That’s why developers integrate both mobile and web apps with social media to boost brand awareness and customer engagement.

Your android app should have an option to reach out to your business on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and wherever you are present.

  1. Multilingual Application

If you want your app to be used worldwide, then it should be available in three to five different languages. Though English is the de facto global language, some regions still prefer to communicate in their first language.

Germans, Turkish, French, and many other nations still don’t understand English. So if your target audience is in these regions, your app must be in their native language. Fortunately, now you can make your Android apps multilingual.

Alongside English, the following languages are worth integrating :

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  1. User Feedback

Do you want to improve your application and win the trust of new users? You need plenty of feedback from your users to determine what your users like the most about your app, and what needs improvement. 

Thank people for being honest with their reviews. The more feedback you get the better for your app. Reaching the final version of your app takes quite a few iterations, but customer feedback can minimize those.

  1. Offline Functionality

Today, we have so many android apps available on the Play store that work offline. By creating stellar offline functionality support, you can make your app stand out. This way, even if your user doesn’t have an internet connection available at a certain location or time, he/she would still be able to use your app.


If you are creating an android application in 2022, these seven features are worth considering. And don’t forget to go the extra mile. If you find anything interesting to include in your app — alongside these seven — don’t hesitate to do so. Think out of the box to be unique and interesting!

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