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An Ultimate Guide to Performing Umrah at the Perfect Time

Apart from the Hajj, people also perform Umrah with the same dedication, and thus visa regarding Umrah is a continual process throughout the year. However, the Islamic Ramadan month is busy for Umrah visitors. Genuinely, there is no best time to book Umrah packages with flights for anyone because these are always accessible throughout the year. But you can consider which time is more relaxing and the most approaching for you rather than only looking at the price factor to choose them.

When should you book Umrah?

If you make a reservation in haste without knowing about the current weather of Mecca and Medina, it can prove a non-disciplined Umrah trip. The Muslims cannot enjoy the Umrah hours when harsh sunlight is on their backs. All these things lead to poor health conditions and even resistance to travel and shopping while on an Umrah visit.

Therefore, it is strongly suggested to keep in touch with your service provider for 3 to 4 months before making a final decision for Umrah. Booking for Umrah with complete peace of mind, you can get dealing scores of the best flights regarding the Umrah package.

Moreover, you should choose hassle-free time to perform every Umrah-related rituals calmly. For this purpose, booking is top of the list to start your sacred journey process. You should book your flights for Umrah in the Islamic month of Muharram and Saffar after Hajj. Basically, these months are the start of new years in the Islamic calendar.

The main reason behind choosing Saffar and Muharram is the fast visa process, and you can fly to holy places quickly. On the other hand, Shabaan and Rabbi ul Awwal are the most engaged months for Umrah, and Ramadan comes second for the maximum pilgrimage after Hajj.

Get general weather situation of holy places

If you are concerned about the temperature of Mecca and Medina, both holy places have varied temperatures. The average temperature for January, February, and December is 31 in Mecca. While in Medina, this place has a moderate climate because it almost stays between 24 to 25 degrees centigrade. If you reside in the UK, you should consider the month of December for Umrah packages with flights. It is because the sun at midday will be fine, and only shade is enough rather than in other months like June and July when the sun is at its peak of summer heat. 

What is the perfect time for an Umrah visit?

For every Muslim, Umrah Mubarak is a compulsory prayer. Therefore, people should perform the Umrah ritual with dedication and concentration on Allah. Besides, booking for Umrah will give you relaxation while traveling to Mecca and Medina places. Furthermore, you can perform all rituals wholeheartedly by early booking flights rather than running between jam-packed holy places and returning to your hotel.

Umrah’s journey is not all about flying, packing, visiting different places, and returning home. But the Umrah journey is about praying, performing all rituals with a pure spirit, and spending your maximum time close to the Roza Rasool (PBUH) and Kaaba (House of Allah). Thus, the end of Hajj, April and May’s months are a perfect time for Umrah visits. You can approach the best accommodation at an affordable cost because of an almost half rush of pilgrimage. However, some months are better for Umrah visits, and various factors include holidays, accommodation costs, and availability of different Umrah packages with flights.

  • Ramadan

Ramadan is the first option for almost every Muslim to perform their Umrah rituals because of the blessings of this month. It is also mentioned in many hadith about performing Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj. Therefore, more and more people want to avail themselves Ramadan Umrah visit. Ramadan is the best month for Muslims regarding Itikaf and fasting. The pilgrimages enjoy keeping fast in the house of Allah. So, if you wish to perform Umrah rituals in Ramada, you should make a plan in advance. Reservation is the best option. After all, Ramadan month is also the busiest because many people come from across the world. So, make a place for flights and hotels at the best price.

  • Spring

Spring season is also attractive for people because of the mild heat and cold. It is also a busy time, and you should schedule Umrah flights earlier to avoid any inconvenience. It is not wrong to say that the spring months are the busiest because of tourists who want to see different places in Saudi Arabia.

  • Summer

The summer months start from June to August, and this season is the hottest because of the high temperature. Therefore, it is less attractive for the pilgrimage because of the harsh heat. But for a strict budget, you can consider this season because of the cost-effective plan. Besides, this is also the right time for performing Umrah rituals with peace of mind.

  • Autumn

September, October, and November months include Summer when Saudi Arabia has humid temperatures with minimum rain. A summer season is also a good choice for performing Umrah at the lowest cost if you have budget issues. However, most people don’t consider this season due to suffocation, but you can get cheap Umrah packages with flights.

  • Winter

Umrah season again starts in the winter months after Dhul-hajj, and this is also considered the best time for performing Umrah obligations. Muslims enjoy performing Umrah rituals because of the affordable temperature outside. Moreover, the average temperature of December in Mecca is around 31, and Medina lies between 24 to 25 degrees centigrade. Many people plan to visit different locations in Saudi Arabia besides the Umrah journey. Thus, you need an earlier booking for the winter Umrah packages with flights because it is also the busiest time.

However, there is no specific time to perform Umrah rituals. But Ramadan is the most demanding time because of its great blessing. Umrah packages are also expensive this month, but you can try other months of the year when the most affordable plans are available.

Every Muslim wishes to visit the holy places once in their lives. Various facts impact the cost of Umrah packages. Whenever you decide, book Umrah packages earlier to avoid any inconvenience.

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