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An Overview of Furnace Installation in Toronto

The installation of a new furnace or the replacement of an outdated furnace should be mostly handled by an HVAC contractor or someone with knowledge of HVAC systems. Furnace installation by someone who is not an HVAC expert is prohibited in some areas. This is not a simple task, and the right permission must be asked for to make sure the HVAC unit was installed correctly and safely. If you are looking for a new furnace installation then you can choose the best option in Toronto.

Install The Furnace Yourself as A Homeowner

Remember that if you choose to install the furnace yourself as a homeowner, your homeowner’s insurance may not protect you in the event of an accident (such as a fire, etc.), especially if you haven’t obtained the necessary licenses and inspections. Before you have any work related to furnace installation done, sure to check the permit requirements in your area.

Need To Lift the Large Furnace During the Difficult Task

A few persons will likely need to lift the large furnace during the difficult task of installing a new furnace. In addition to labor, you’ll need the right equipment, electrically-trained workers, and personnel to connect and disconnect gas or oil lines. For the installation, maintenance, or replacement of ducting, you will also require the appropriate tools.

Shut Off the Gas or Oil Supply Before Removing an Old Furnace

Make sure to properly shut off the gas or oil supply before removing an old furnace. It is necessary to turn the valve handle on the gas or oil pipe perpendicular to the gas pipe. Just in case, you might want to turn off the entire gas supply to your home. When disconnecting these pipes, keep in mind that some gas will escape; thus, providing adequate ventilation. Make sure to research the permit requirements in your area before starting any furnace installation in Toronto work in your home

Old Furnace’s Electrical Components

The old furnace’s electrical components should disconnect. If you have an electrical furnace, unplugging it can be all that is necessary to turn off the power. You will need to first switch off the breaker if the furnace is hard-wired into the electrical system. Then manually unplug the furnace’s hard-wired wires from behind the cover plate. You shouldn’t do this if you don’t have any expertise with or knowledge of electrical wiring.

The ducting that is linked to the furnace should disconnect. Cut the duct tape with a knife to separate the air supply and intake ducts. Remove the furnace last. In some places, you might have to undo the screws. The additional labor will use at this point because the furnace can large and heavy.

New Furnace and Go Over All the Manuals

After that, unpack your new furnace and go over all the manuals. The furnace should then move into position with assistance, and any necessary retention hardware should attach. Use duct tape to firmly attach the ductwork to the return and delivery ducts. Rewire the electrical system. Once more, connecting it to the power source or installing the hard-wiring may be all that is required (consult an electrician or HVAC contractor if you are not comfortable with this step).

The fuel line will then attach (if there is one). After it has been firmly fastened, turn on the gas or oil supply and thoroughly check for leaks. You can start the pilot light on a gas furnace if there are no leaks. To accomplish this, adhere to the directions on the HVAC system.


After this, your furnace ought to be ready to use. Keep in mind that a licensed HVAC contractor should only install a furnace. They are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to complete the task swiftly and effectively while preserving your and your family’s safety. You should leave the installation of a new furnace to the experts if you have any doubts.

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