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Amazing Features & Facilities in New City Paradise Islamabad 

New City Paradise
New City Paradise, Capital Smart City, Blue World City, Lahore Smart City

An Overview of New City Paradise

Do you want to have a home in a leading and exclusive area? Then, New City Paradise is your next home! This housing society is a new emerging housing society that is located right next to Islamabad’s Twin Cities. To attract the residents and investors, the owner and developer of this housing project have proficiently planned and designed the features and services.

In a very short period, this housing project has gained a lot of fame as it is located in the finest location in Islamabad. It’s a legitimate housing project which is PHATA-Approved and are offering and are offering all kinds of amenities to make it the perfect place for its residents. The different plot sizes and features are offered by the developers. So, if you want to book a plot and want a great amount of profit in return, then you need to invest in this project. Consider us your reliable partner!

Location of New City Paradise

This ideal housing project is located in an ideal location in Islamabad. It is situated on the main GT road which is 330 feet long and right next to the CPEC route. It’s so close to the Burhan Interchange, and M-1 Motorway. The famous nearby places have made easy access to this housing society helps in attracting investors. 

New City Paradise Features 

Numerous amounts of features are available in this housing society. Additionally, the residing community will have total access to the following mentioned features:

  • Safe Standards of Living 
  • Approach to all Basic features
  • 24 hours CCTV Cameras
  • Parks for Family
  • Marts & Shopping Malls
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Society
  • Purification Plants
  • Extensive Roads
  • Mosques
  • Best Centers for Health Care 
  • Community Center
  • Gym Areas
  • Educational Centers
  • Green Belts
  • Commercial Zone
  • Grid Place

New City Paradise Facilities

Quite a lot of facilities are available in this housing scheme and the developers have promised to offer the finest and most modern living standards to its residents.

Educational & Medical Facilities

The educational institutes in this housing society will be taught the international curriculum to the students. The students will be able to achieve high goals. Furthermore, the medical and healthcare centers will also be providing their services to all the residents.

Eco-Friendly Housing Society

To make the environment more serene and green, the housing community has planted a large number of trees. The process of construction will be at the level of International standards. Moreover, it will help with climate and surrounding damage. All the above aspects will altogether make it a perfect place to live and invest. 

Safe Gated Society

The residential and commercial areas of New City Paradise are safe and protected. It’s a gated colony that has made the environment protective and peaceful. Moreover, the 24 hours availability of CCTV Cameras and face identity are the most desirable facilities for investors and residents. Most importantly, the developers also provide the facilities with security guards. 

Top-Quality Infrastructure

The infrastructure of new city paradise is of high-quality that enhances the beauty of this housing society. It is the best place to have a home not just because of the advanced facilities but also because of the business facilities there. Moreover, its infrastructure has increased the worth of both commercial and residential plots. In short, it’s an attractive investment! 

Opportunities for Business

Out of all other advanced facilities, the developers of this society also provide its investors with amazing business opportunities. This housing society will help you to increase the deals rate and the business value. Furthermore, the structural quality also helps to make a profitable deal in the municipality. 

Basic Amenities

With all the basic amenities, the developers also provide the residents with all types of basic facilities. All basic facilities include; water, underground electricity, and gas. The filtration plants will also be provided to the residents of new city paradise. Moreover, the option of underground electricity will enhance the livings of inhabitants. All the above facilities are going to create a sense of value and long-term investment.


New city paradise has made it possible for you to have a valuable and long-term investment. This site is an ideal place for you to start your bookings and make us your valuable partners. So, connect with us right now and start your dream investment! 

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