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All you need to know about Silver German Shepherd

Evidence supports the notion that having pets improves human health and fosters a greater sense of community. 

It’s no secret that having a pet may make you happier. Dogs, according to studies, soothe loneliness, lower stress, anxiety, and depression, promote physical activity, and boost general health.

Keep reading to find out about having a Silver German Shepherd as a pet!

About The Breed

  • The silver German Shepherd is a sub-breed of the German Shepherd with a silver coat color that sets it apart and gives it a distinctive appearance.
  • As can be said from their name, the origin of this breed is from Germany, and they come in sizes from medium to large.
  • Their heights are about: 24-26 inches in males and 22- 24 inches in females. As compared to a Mini Goldendoodle, German Shepherds might look like giants XD.
  • As for their weights: 66 – 88 pounds for males and about 49 – 71 pounds for females

Their Temperament

  • They are very brave and loyal in nature. There aren’t enough good adjectives to describe them! They are Protective, Devoted, Strong, Confident, Intelligent, Alert, Versatile, Independent, Energetic, and Territorial.
  • German shepherd dogs get along well with both if they were reared with kids and other animals, but because of their tendency to guard, they are frequently apprehensive of strangers.
  • The breed is thought to be smart and teachable. German shepherd dogs who were not properly raised can occasionally be agitated and tense.

Tips to consider before feeding your German Shepherd

There are a few crucial safety precautions you should take into account while feeding human foods to your German shepherd:

  • Feeding your German Shepherd should be done sparingly.
  • Different foods should be introduced gradually.
  • Unless your GSD is accustomed to well-prepared raw food, meats should be cooked.
  • Skip processed meats.
  • Dogs who are lactose intolerant shouldn’t consume dairy.
  • Fish should be cooked since it could contain bacteria.
  • Fruit must be free of seeds or pits.
  • Vegetables should generally be cooked.

Keep reading to find out more about silver sable german shepherd!

Human Foods That Are Safe For Them To Eat

While many “people” foods are totally safe and healthful for German Shepherds to eat, dogs metabolise food differently than humans do. 

Joint sturdiness, allergy immunity, cleaner teeth, and fresher breath are all health advantages.

German Shepherds can consume the following human foods – Apple , Banana,Berries, Bread, Broccoli,Carrot, Cashews, Chicken, Coconut, Corn, Cucumber, Eggs, Green Beans, Milk, Noodles, Oatmeal, Parsnip, Pasta, Peanuts, Peas, Pineapple, Pork, Potato (cooked), Rice, Salmon, Sweet Potato, Tuna, Turkey, Yogurt.

Though you can totally make them eat high calorie dog food and that is safe for them too!

Ideal Environment To Keep Them In

German Shepherds require a lot of area because of their size and intense activity requirements.

For instance, a yard that is 50 feet by 80 feet would be great for allowing them enough room to go around without feeling cramped.

However, a GSD can be equally content in a tiny environment if you put in the effort and are ready to care for one.

A Few Facts About Them

  1. The muted black color of the German Shepherd’s silver hue dates to 1899.
  2. Silver GSDs most closely resemble the original German Shepherd.
  3. In terms of temperament, silver German Shepherds are exactly like regular GSDs.
  4. German Shepherds that are silver don’t have the silver-causing dog gene.
  5. Silver puppies can be born to German Shepherds that are not silver.
  6. Silver GSDs are allowed to compete in dog shows, although their chances of winning are less likely than those of other breeds.
  7. The color of silver has no effect on their health.
  8. They have great movement.
  9. They are noted for their flexibility.
  10. A silver German Shepherd can cost between $2000 and $2500.
  11. They are extremely loyal pals.
  12. They are fiercely protective of their loved ones, exceptionally bright, and incredibly dedicated to their partners.

Some FAQs About Them

  1. Is a German Shepherd a good family dog?

A: With the right training and socialisation, German shepherds may make exceptionally gentle companions and family defenders.

  • Are German Shepherds good with their owners?

A: German Shepherd owners never feel alone since their devoted dogs are by their sides at all times.

  • Do German Shepherds bark a lot?

A: Compared to some of the other large dog breeds, German Shepherds do have a tendency to bark more. Even with extensive socialization and training, it is not unusual for them to be louder.

  • Can German Shepherds have Down Syndrome?

A: It can be any animals with down syndrome. Not just this one breed!

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To Wrap It Up!

If you are looking to adopt a lovely pet companion, then I assure you German Shepherds are your best bet. 

They will accompany you and protect you always. Add to that they are really easy to train too, as they are known for being extremely smart creatures.

I hope you found the information given useful. Thank you for reading up till here! Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this.

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