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Al Kabir Town Plots For Sale

There are a number of residential and commercial al kabir town plots for sale. Almost every block has mosques and hospitals. These villas and plots for sale in Al Kabir Town are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Commercial plots for sale in block-c

Al Kabir Town offers residential plots and commercial plots for sale. It is located on Raiwind Road in Lahore. This city has world class amenities and facilities.

Al Kabir Town is a Lahore Development Authority approved society. The society has a wide road network and a variety of recreational and residential facilities. The housing project is spread over a huge land area.

Al Kabir Town Phase 2 is a beautiful and verdant community. This community has a variety of plot sizes and is available in three years installment plan. Invest in a property in this affordable society today.

Al Kabir Town is a low cost project. It has a backup power system to ensure that there will be no disruptions in electricity. Moreover, it has a hospital and a zoo. In addition, it is accessible from Lahore Ring Road, Canal Road, Defense Road and Multan Road.


Al Kabir Town Plots For Sale

The price of a plot ranges from Rs. 15 Lac to Rs. 40 Lac depending on the size. For instance, a 675 square foot lot costs a little more than a 10 Marla property. Nevertheless, it is still an affordable option.

Another feature of Al Kabir Town is the easy installment plan. You can avail a 3-year, a 5-year or a half-yearly plan. Furthermore, you will be able to pay 10% extra for plots facing the main boulevard.

The developer of this society, Al Kabir Developers, has a team of skilled professionals to carry out the construction of the development. They have a lot of experience in real estate. With their expertise, they are able to offer affordable and luxurious properties.

Moreover, they have been working on several famous projects in Pakistan. Al Kabir Town Phase 1 is a good option for people who want to live in the comfort of a cosy environment.

Availability of villas on a 1st to come 1st served basis

Al Kabir Town is a modern and affordable housing project in Lahore. The developers of this project are a group of reputed companies and have an outstanding track record in completing projects on time.

This project provides residential and commercial plots of different sizes. It also offers affordable rates and flexible payment plans. Some of the important amenities offered by Al Kabir Town include fitness centre, hospital, school, sports complex and aquarium.

Apart from this, this project is located in a privileged neighborhood. It is easily accessible from different parts of the city, including Defense Road, Canal Road, Raiwind Road, Ring Road Junction, and Bahria Orchard. Aside from that, it is surrounded by many other top-notch real estate projects. Hence, it is an ideal place to live.

The Al Kabir Town phase 2

The Al Kabir Town phase 2 is also located at Raiwind Road. Phase 2 is the second phase of this development and has two marla commercial plots available for sale. However, there are limited plots available for sale.

The developers of Al Kabir Rawind Road have come up with a wide range of real estate projects. These projects are designed by skilled architects and engineers. Their main focus is on providing premium living at affordable price. They are currently working on new projects.

Al Kabir Town has become one of the best housing projects in Lahore. It is an ideal place for people looking for a peaceful and healthy lifestyle at an economical price. Besides, it is also a perfect location for those who want to invest in real estate.

Moreover, this housing project provides many basic facilities like electricity, water connection, SUI gas, and sewerage. In addition to this, the project is in the process of developing roads and water filtration plants.

Accessibility from Multan Road, Canal Road and Defense Road

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Mosques in almost every block

There are mosques in almost every block of Al Kabir Town Plots. Mosques are the center of authority and guidance for the Muslim community. They instruct the Muslims in their religious duties and temporal affairs.

Al-Kabir Town is a planned community located on Raiwind Road, Lahore. It has wide roads and green belts. The master plan of the town was designed by professional experts.

Al-Kabir Town offers a variety of residential and commercial plots. The housing scheme has several parks. Besides, there are a lot of sports facilities.

A high-tech security system is also available in the housing scheme. There are numerous coffee shops and eateries in the area. These are perfect for a relaxing day. In addition, the town has a gym and aerobic/yoga classes.

The developer of Al Kabir Town (Pvt. Ltd.) has a perfect track record in the real estate industry. Moreover, they have received the approval of Lahore Development Authority.

Al-Kabir Town Phase 2 is situated on the main Raiwind Road, Lahore. The plots in this phase are affordable. This phase has pre-constructed villas and houses, as well as the option of building a house from scratch. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of sizes of residential and commercial plots.

Moreover, the residents of Al Kabir Town will enjoy a fully-equipped contemporary hospital. The hospital will feature various amenities, including a blood bank, surgical facilities, and a contemporary lab. Also, the hospital will have a 24-hour emergency service.

Other facilities in Al Kabir Town include the aquarium, an Imax cinema, and a fitness center. Besides, there are a number of lush green parks.

There are also many local and multinational eateries in the area. Hence, it is a perfect place to live in.

Hospitals in Al Kabir Town

Al Kabir Town is one of the most well planned and developed areas of Lahore. It is located on the Raiwind Road. It offers several facilities for the residents. There are various parks, shops and restaurants within the area.

It is located close to the Allama Iqbal International Airport. Al Kabir is also close to various colleges and schools. Several famous housing societies are situated in the vicinity of the town. Besides, there are numerous shopping malls.

Residents of the town can easily access hospitals and other health care centers in the area. The hospital is fully equipped with a blood bank and 24 hours emergency services. In addition, it has laboratories and surgical units. Besides, the hospital provides continental food and a cheap payment schedule.

The Al Kabir Town phase 2

Advantage of Living

Another major advantage of living in the area is the availability of quality schools. Schools such as the Native International School, Shamim Ramzan College, and the Superior University are located near the city. Some other schools and colleges in the area include the Riphah University, Al Quaid College, and the Beaconhouse National University.

If you want to enjoy the comfort of a deluxe lifestyle, you can consider buying a plot in Al Kabir Town. The plots are available at affordable prices. They are ideal for families with young children.

Al Kabir Town is a well-planned, modern, and gated community. It has high tech security systems. Besides, it features a sports complex, gardens, and an aquarium. Also, it has underground sewage system and an electric system.

When the advance development is complete, the area will also have marketplaces. Almost every block will have a shopping complex. Apart from, it will have mosques in almost all blocks.

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