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Air Conditioning Solutions for Commercial Spaces in Dubai


Are you a business owner? If yes, then you might know what we are talking about. Your company suffers a lot when the temperatures rise. So you need to have a good air conditioning system in place. This helps you keep the place cool for your workers. But these machines will use up to 20% of your building’s energy. So, it puts a heavy load on the world’s energy needs. Luckily, not all units are the same.

It is important to know how different ACs work. So you can get the most out of yours. Especially if we’re talking about Air Conditioners Dubai. Today, we’ll learn about different ACs for your office. So join us to find which AC fits your needs!

Importance of Commercial ACs

A good commercial AC is important to keep it cool. A comfortable working place will bring out the best in your workers. So you need to buy a sound AC system for the building. A good AC provides you with more things than just cooling. It keeps the air circulating in the building, thus keeping it fresh. Moreover, it helps filter dust and smell from the air. It also keeps the air from being too dry or humid. So it makes up for a comfortable working place.

Types of Commercial AC Systems

There are four main types of ACs that you can use commercially. These are single-split, multi-split, VAV, and VRF. There are different things that you need to remember before buying an AC. These include the capacity, number of air ducts, and cooling methods. So check all these factors before buying an AC unit for your office. Join us to learn more about the differences between these AC units.

How Does Central AC Work?

Normally, commercial buildings use the central AC system. This helps in cooling a bigger space without using many units. This type of AC system uses split ACs. They cool the air using a fan, compressor, and condenser. And the air reaches every room through ducts that help it flow. The biggest perk of using splits is that they can cool large spaces. No matter how big or small you need, you can use splits to cool them. Moreover, it saves power and makes a room cool faster. It also offers steady cooling, so you don’t have to turn it on or off. But all this comes at the cost of noise. The split systems make a lot of noise due to their size and power. So remember to use the correct AC system. Check your heating and cooling needs before buying a new AC.

Types of AC Units


Split AC is a good heating and cooling solution for all spaces. Such as rooms, cafes, stores, and offices. They are one of the cheapest choices in the market. Moreover, they’re easy to install and quickly cool or heat any space. But they need a lot of space if you fit many outdoor units.


This is the best option if we talk about indoor buildings. They can cool a place quickly, and you can place them high on the wall. They let cool air flow through the room. These ACs are best for small spaces because of their small and sleek design. Thus, don’t get in the way of anything. These ACs don’t make hot or cold patches like bigger units. Moreover, they don’t even make a lot of noise. So, these are ideal for home use or small spaces. But this sleek and silent design comes at a good price. So you’ll need to put in some cash, but you’ll get the best experience.


This might be a new thing to you, but yes! Floor-mounted ACs have been here for a long time. These ACs are perfect for areas without solid walls. Or if the walls are far apart. You can install these ACs anywhere you want. The only thing that they need to work on is proper power and pipework. That is because every AC needs a power outlet to work. And a pipe for the water that comes out of the AC. You can fit these ACs anywhere as they’re easy to fit. So, you know what to do wherever you need an AC that doesn’t need a wall.


You can get These types of AC for your office or work. They are a type of a central system. But they aren’t noisy like other units, so you get a peaceful experience. You can place them above a ceiling or roof for the best cooling. But you need to put their internal unit on the roof. From there, ducts take the cool air to different rooms through ducts. But you need proper technicians to install these ACs. They must be carefully put in place to get the best work out of them. Moreover, you can easily adjust the temperature using a dial in every room. This makes them easy to use as per need. Lastly, these ACs give the best performance at the least cost. But you might put in extra money before actually using the unit.


Larger spaces get the most benefit from these ACs. You can install them on the roof. This helps you hide them behind a false ceiling. Thus giving a minimal look and feel. So, if you have less space but need good cooling, this is the right AC. They provide the best heating and cooling for open spaces.


These ACs work best in small spaces that can’t fit larger ACs. These ACs have a special design that makes them squeeze into small spaces. Thus, they’re best for places like a small storage area or point-of-sale. So these ACs give high cooling and heating while using up less space. Making them a good solution for many people with smaller needs.

Time to Cool Down

Now that you know the best way to cool your Dubai offices. It is time to get your hands on the best deals on ACs in Dubai. So, no matter if you’re looking for splits or home tank chillers. The best option is Central Trading Company. They have the best deals on ACs and have the right people to guide you. So visit today and get your workplace cool.

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