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Affordable Bus Tours in Jackson, OH Can Be a Good Way to Send Quality Time with College Friends

If you have nothing to do during the next long weekend break, why not plan to go to Jackson, Ohio with college mates? It can be a treat for adventure lovers, history buffs, and youngsters. 

There’s plenty to do here, especially if you are young and carefree. And reaching this city isn’t a problem at all if you find out in advance about bus tours in Jackson, OH

What to see here:

Bus tours are an easy, pocket-friendly, and comfortable way for college-goers to travel to places like this. Whether you enjoy playing golf or going bowling with your buddies, there are quite a few places to hang out in Jackson. Try the Tri-City Bowling Lanes and Weiss Recreation.

The Shawnee State Park Golf Resort is known for its thrilling bunkers amidst picturesque surroundings. If you aren’t playing, you can visit the pro shop in Franklin Valley Golf Club to get yourself some cool golfing equipment.

Besides sporting activities, Jackson boasts of some great local county parks that are perfect for families and youngsters.

For art lovers, there are a number of galleries and artsy places to explore. For history buffs, there are landmarks like Hamden Covered Bridge, Orrin, Todd, and Farmington Canal Lock that are worth a visit. Bookworms can spend hours reading and browsing for their favorite authors in the Herbert Wescoat Memorial Library.

If you are tired after a day of golf or bowling, chill out at any of the bars in town. Order for a Mint Julep, Sparkling Hunt Punch, or Cranberry and Butterscotch Tini! Make sure to carry your license with you. Dakotas Roadhouse and Corner Pub are some of the coolest hangouts for college-goers in Jackson.

For the ultimate foodie, Jackson offers you plenty of choices. Whether it’s Dairy Queen for desserts or the ever-popular Taco Bell, everything is only a few steps away. Jackson has many restaurants serving traditional American cuisine to satisfy your taste buds.

Who doesn’t like spending time at a fair? Fairs here have many exciting activities and you can spend an entire day with friends at these local fairs. Entertainment options are endless when you decide to go to these events. 

If you are fond of watching the theater, then you are in the right place. Local productions such as Death of a Salesman or musicals like The Wizard of Oz draw huge crowds.

For all these and much more, you can book bus trips in Ohio. If you are traveling to Jackson for instance, you need to search online for “bus tours near me”. Companies like Sublime Tours will help you plan a perfect holiday through their bus tours. 

You can enjoy your favorite travel destinations traveling in a group without having to worry about a thing. Not only are the coaches super comfortable, but they are also safe and guaranteed to offer you a satisfying ride. You can check for their safety records before booking a trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Call up your friends now and start planning for a quick getaway to Jackson!Techfilly

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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