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Advent Calendar of Tea – Top Unique Gifts for Tea Lovers

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me A partridge in a pear tree” – Bill Crosby and The Andrew Sisters

The lyrics of this song remind one of the beautiful days of advent that build up to a festival that is widely loved – Christmas. The Advent Calendar of Tea is possibly the best reminder and the collection of teas is the perfect way to go through the wintry days – warming your palms with a steaming and delicious cup of tea! As a tea lover (or not), you get to sample a different tea across 24 successive days and then maybe get yourself some more of your ‘favorites’. Let’s take you through the delish ‘journey’ of the top advent calendar gift sets – will certainly help you make a choice!

  1.   The Advent Calendar Gift Set

The beautifully laid out tea bags in the advent calendar box – marked from 1 to 24 – are 24 variants of teas – a combination of 12 black, green, oolong, white & herbal tea bags. Packed in warm and stimulating red-colored packs, you can be sure that this bright and bold gift pack will add a punch to the days leading up to Christmas and its associated festivities.

  1.   The Holiday Special Gift Set

The cute box has a printed scene depicting the fun time of decorating the Christmas tree. A pretty wreath adorns the inside of the box that proudly holds packs of four carefully selected tea varieties, each containing six tea bags. These luscious teas accentuate the festive spirit and feel like a tight warm hug for your complete being. To top this – each tea variant has a range of health benefits, complementing your personalized health regime. Cheers to health and festivities – ditch the chocolates for once!

  1.   Let it Snow Advent Calendar Gift Set

A playful and jolly box truly captures the spirit of advent and Christmas – a white Christmas that we all dream of. The 120 tea bags are a combination of 24 varieties of teas, each bringing you the warm soothing taste and ramped-up health benefits of the superfood – turmeric. It might be hard to part with this one – so pick up an extra one for yourself too!

  1.   The 24 Days Luxury

A delightful box made to look like drawers that are numbered – each containing four bags of luxurious matching teas or tisanes. Packed separately, each one contains uplifting flavors from festive all-time favorites to fruity hints and warming tisanes. You can just imagine yourself curled up in a fuzzy warm blanket on a soft couch, sipping on one of these blends, allowing the warmth to touch your soul!

  1.   Go Caffeine Free

Take your pick from the signature and special Christmas mixes – 24 of them – all caffeine free. These are herbal and organic teas, packed in a recyclable box, and the opulent gold detailing makes it a perfect gift set – for yourself and for those you love. Share the festive joy, as you countdown the 24 days before Christmas, with all who receive it. It’s not just the perfect advent calendar gift set, it is loaded with health benefits that will leave you feeling refreshed and vibrant.

Exhibit love for yourself and those close to you with these perfect tea gift sets. They are not just thoughtful and exciting but are packed with a truckload of health benefits. Specially curated, these gift packs are sure-shot winners for tea lovers, and the perfect way to turn the ‘cynics’ into tea enthusiasts. Here’s wishing everyone a healthy, peaceful, and jolly festive season!

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