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Add layers to your security: Multi-DRM Security System

Content piracy has had a significant impact on the streaming landscape, with the increased rate of unauthorized content downloads it will cost the industry roughly $ 60 billion in 2022. Despite the fact that many organizations have implemented lockdown attempts to combat piracy, content pirates have found a means to circumvent the procedure and access the material.

When it comes to the worldwide extent of video content piracy, there is always a cause for concern and cause for hope. The cause of hope is established by companies like Muvi,who has given content creators optimism by delivering Multi-DRM capabilities that safeguard the material to a large extent. Multi-DRM includes a number of elements that, when combined, form a new culture of positive anti-piracy activity, a significant step forward in the fight against content pirates, and a road map for preventing illicit downloading.

So let’s know what makes Multi-DRM security by Muvi one of the most reliable sources to protect content and how you can also implement it in your platform. 

What is Multi-DRM

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is a system in video streaming that employs encryption to protect video material, specialized mechanisms to securely store and transport encryption/decryption keys, and allows content producers to define business rules and regulate who may consume their content. A multi-DRM solution includes licensing management functionality for various DRM formats, including Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay, and allows you to distribute content securely on browsers, mobile devices, set-top boxes, and other devices. DRM provides you the flexibility to choose who gets to consume it via business rules and a secure, protected communication protocol.

Benefits of Choosing Muvi as your DRM Vendor

1. Forensic watermarking

A forensic watermark, also known as a digital watermark, is a string of letters, numbers, or other symbols that is included into a digital file in order to uniquely identify the creator and authorized user. Muvi’s multi-DRM employs cloud-based packaging services that allow for forensic watermarking. It is simple and quick to embed. You can detect and trace illicit material distribution and prevent re-encoding, cropping, filtering, and camcording by inserting invisible dynamic watermarks.

2. Multi-Format compatibility

Muvi’s Multi-DRM security is compatible with multiple streaming protocols like MPEG-DASH, MSS, and HLS when featured in multiple DRMs such as PlayReady, Widevine and FairPlay. This gives the content provider an upper hand to have the content secured when delivered on multiple devices. you would need to not only encode your videos to the encrypted format, but also to all the formats for different browsers and devices. On top of that you would need to ensure that you create different videos of different bitrates as well.

3. Deactivate Screen Recording

One of the best aspects of multi-DRM is that it prevents users from taking screenshots or performing any other type of screen recording while watching the material. Even if the user attempts to capture the screen using third-party applications, the DRM prevents it. Muvi lets you enable FairPlay, PlayReady, and Widevine so that the device and platform automatically prevent screen recording tools from being used. These setups are dependent on the availability of hardware DRM capability. Watermarking identifies the source where the content is being pirated or captured, and the watermark is triggered, blacking out the screen and preventing viewers from watching.

4. Built-in CDN

By incorporating digital rights management (DRM) into its video delivery services, Muvi built-in Content Distribution Network (CDN) supports the encryption and delivery of content in all widely used DRM formats. The infrastructure used by Muvi AWS/Google powered servers for transcoding, encoding, distribution through CDN, and storage guarantees a fluid playback with the least amount of delay and buffer time, as well as lowers the burden on the origin server and lowers bandwidth costs.

5. Content CMS 

Muvi provides a DRM integrated CMS which provides the content owner a holistic approach to secure and manage the content. The finest CMS for video websites is with Muvi, which gives you complete control over your content as well as access to a number of tracking and security tools from inside your dashboard. This allows you to make sure that your platform is completely safe and to handle secure integrations.


Digital piracy is growing more prevalent as a result of easy Internet access and the proliferation of original content that may be taken. Due to digital infringements, content providers are losing a big chunk of their profit with this big leak in their infrastructure. Their material is drained for free, with no premium earned for the proprietors. 

Muvi as a company is pretty concerned about their client resource, thus it has developed important features that allow the owners to reduce operational impediments. The owner is facilitated by ECM (Enterprise Content Management) to govern whole content single handedly. Creators are also supported by a dynamic SLA-driven support system that guarantees to resolve concerns highlighted by ticket within 30 minutes of the broach.. 

Helpful tip by Muvi

Apart from the DRM security system Muvi acknowledges some other facts which can help creators to safeguard their content from pirates. Muvi recommends the AVOD monetization model. Many of the big players have seen substantial growth with this approach. Also checkout other pro tips to secure your content.

If you plan to make your OTT Platform secured with multi-DRM security and make use of above explained facilities, get your hands on Muvi one and build a full edge white-label video streaming platform.

Before that Muvi recommends taking a 14-day free trial to experience all the offerings made by Muvi.

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