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How to Add a Canon Printer to Computer?

A printer will allow you to perform many operations, both for personal and business purposes. There are many printers on the market. However, Canon printers are preferred by most when it comes down to purchasing a reliable and professional printer. The Canon printer is available in a variety of models. You will need to connect the printer to your computer, regardless of the model. This guide will help you how to add a canon printer to your computer. This guide will walk you through connecting your printer to your computer.

Steps to Add Canon Printer to Windows [Wired]

The wired method is one of the most popular for Canon printer set up. A local printer is one that you connect to the printer with a USB cable. We have provided a list of all steps required to create a wired connection between your system and the printer.Also visit printer repair dubai. 

You will need a USB cable to connect the USB cable to the USB port on the printer. Next, you will need to click on the Settings app from the Start menu. You will need to select the devices option under the settings option. Next, select to add a scanner/printer.

The list of available printers will now be displayed. Next, look for the name. Follow the steps on the screen to set up the printer.

If the system fails to recognize the printer, the user will need to select “The printer I want isn’t listed” and then follow the instructions from the windows troubleshooter in order to locate the printer. It will then list all drivers and assist you with downloading them.

If you are still having trouble downloading the drivers, visit the Canon printer repair official website. Download the drivers from the Cannon website.

Steps to Add Canon Printer to Windows [WireLess]

Wireless setup is the next option for Canon printer setup. You will need to download the Canon printer and install it from the official Canon website. Most modern printers automatically install the drivers.

You will first need to open your printer’s control panel and select the setup option. Next, select Wireless LAN settings. After that, you’ll need to select the wifi network to which the device should be connected. You will need the SSID of your network to do this.

You will then need to enter your password. Sometimes you can also connect the system to the printer temporarily using USB. This is necessary to install the drivers. If this is the case, you can read this article to learn more.

There are other issues that could arise when you connect your printer. You should ensure that the printer is placed near your system. Your printer and system must be connected to one another.

Steps to connect a shared printer

HomeGroup is a feature that Windows has. This allows you to share your printer with a group, and also lets you share files with other systems on the home network. The next step in Canon printer setup is to link the printer to the shared printer. Follow the steps below to do this.

HomeGroup Setup

You can skip this step if your home network has already been set up with HomeGroup. If you don’t know if your setup has been completed, please refer to the steps below.

You will first need to locate the wireless icon in the system’s taskbar. Then, right-click the wireless icon. Choose the open network or sharing center option from the menu.

Next, choose the option “Create”. If there is already an existing homegroup, a Joined message appears on the screen. You will now need to tap the Create Homegroup button.

Next, choose Next. Next, choose the items you want to share. Finally, note down the Windows password. Select Finish.

Connect Printer to HomeGroup

Click on the Homegroup option first. Next, click on the Homegroup option.

After clicking on Next, confirm what you wish to share. After that, enter your password and click Next. Select the Finish tab and choose the shared printer option.

Moving on

This is how to connect your Canon printer to your computer. You can also update the driver if you encounter problems while connecting the system. You can find this information on the official Canon website or the cannon site. Contact the support team if the problem persists.

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