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Advantages of an Acrylic Dome: Is it the Better Option?

Acrylic domes are hemispherical structures, constructed with polycarbonate or acrylic materials to form durable and eye-catching fixtures, which can be customized and fitted to benefit a wide selection of industries.

Here at Pleasant Plastic, we have over many  years’ experience in manufacturing tailored. Acrylic domes that are carefully created in accordance with our client’s individual requirements. The end result offers our customers a variety of advantages including:

  1. Versatile applications

Acrylic domes have an unlimited amount of uses that can benefit individuals and businesses. For example, these can be used as part of an innovative exhibit, in order to showcase and protect art displays in a gallery and artifacts in a museum.

If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching light shade, an acrylic dome would be the perfect option, as they are extremely adaptable and will highlight and enhance a room of your choice.

  1. Tailored designs

Depending on its intended application, acrylic domes can be tailored to meet a wide range of requirements. For example, it is possible to customize the size of the acrylic domes, as well as the colors, patterns and personalized designs.

At Pleasant plastic, we provide a variety of tailored services – such as painting, sandblasting, and frosting the acrylic dome. We can also add additional features such as lighting effects and engravings in order to fully enhance your acrylic dome. 

  1. Brand awareness

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing an acrylic dome is that it can benefit your business in a variety of ways. For instance, you could utilize an acrylic dome as a form of signage for your organization – including your company name, logo, and brand colors, in order to engage and entice potential customers.

Acrylic domes are also ideal for window displays, alerting your customers to current sales and offers that you may have on in your shop, café, restaurant or bar. Unlike window displays that have a normal sign, a dome is a unique feature and is, therefore, more likely to draw your customers in with its innovative design.

Acrylic  Dome Skylights

Dome skylights offer many advantages to the homeowner. These are lightweight and require little, or no maintenance. The best choice for a skylight if you live in a climate with extreme temperatures since they keep energy transfer to a minimum. It can be purchased as a single, double, or triple dome, but if you are looking for energy efficiency you should only consider a double or triple dome.

A dome skylight is suitable for any roof, including flat roofs. In fact they are particularly well suited for flat roofs due to the fact that they shed water quickly because of the “self-cleaning” aspect of the dome. Typically, the dome’s height is approximately 25% of the width of the skylight which allows the water to quickly flow off the surface.

The ability to gather light from many angles is another big advantage of the dome skylight, unlike a flat skylight which only allows direct light to enter. If illuminating a room is the main concern then a clear acrylic dome is the best choice. If you are looking for a more gentle lighting effect then a white or bronze acrylic dome is the best alternative-especially for light-sensitive people. The white or bronze skylight has the effect of softening the light entering the room and tends to eliminate the glare.

Finally, a big advantage of an acrylic dome skylight is that its shape is much stronger than a flat acrylic skylight. Flat sheets of plastic typically have a much greater tendency to expand and contract which can lead to earlier failure of the material.

Overall, the choice of a dome skylight will be determined by your individual needs but, in general, it will be one of the best options if you are looking for a skylight with energy efficiency, ability to illuminate, and longevity.

Customize your acrylic dome today

Here at Pleasant Plastic , we manufacture Teedy™ acrylic domes, which are all authenticated by our certificate of quality. This requires us to double check the size, clarity, general surface, height and diameter accuracy of all our domes. Eensuring that you receive the best quality designs that cater to your requirements.

We currently stock acrylic domes up to 1800 mm in diameter (which are suitable for exhibit displays and security cameras) and our polycarbonate domes are available up to 600mm, making them ideal for play areas and shop displays. If you are looking for a much larger acrylic dome, then this will need to be ordered well in advance.

In order to place an order for our premier perspex domes, you can fill in our contact form and detail all your acrylic dome requirements.

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