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Abdullah Muhammad Al-Shehhi, the player who excelled in the middle of the football field

He was named the best defender for the year 2021. The player Abdullah Mohammed Al Shehhi.  Abdullah Al Shehhi was born in the United Arab Emirates in 1992. He is a few years old.  His football career was full of achievements by joining Dibba Al Fujairah Club.  The player was not alone in entering the club.  Rather, he entered, bearing great hopes and broad ambitions, to be one of the best players globally and locally. 

The title of this march was the hope and ambition of making a skilled player that was unparalleled in the history of football.  A football legend that will be immortalized and imitated by future generations of football players.  He continued his career by joining the Dibba Al-Fujairah Junior Club and is looking forward to a new and unique beginning through which he proves himself in front of football lovers.

Abdullah Muhammad Al-Shehhi

He achieves his dreams by raising the name of his country and his club to the fore in the world.  He earned the people’s love and trust for his outstanding performance on the field.  And his great passion for his creativity.  This confidence was an opportunity that Abdullah seized to enhance his passion for football and his possession of unique skills and many advantages to lead the position of Ayman defender for his team.

To be the trump card that the team plays in most matches.  The team has always been superior in defense over its counterparts with the player’s high abilities in blocking attacks and dribbling.  In addition to being able to build a new attack from behind.  All these skills and advantages in addition to the appreciation and love of people for him had a rich balance of awards and titles.

The most important of them is the President’s Cup, and awarding the cup constituted an important part of the player’s life.  He also won the first division championship twice.  Then to sing his tally with a silver medal.  As for his latest accomplishments.  It is the dream he had in his childhood.  And he achieved it by winning the title of best defender for the year 2021.

As for the physical characteristics of the player Abdullah.  Physical fitness is the most important and effective factor in the success of the player in his football career with a weight of 65 kg.  The ideal length is 165 cm.

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