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AA Meeting in Georgia: Helping You Find “Happy Hours” Sans Alcohol 

In a world where time spent drinking alcohol is labeled as “happy hours,” it’s a challenge to quit drinking. It’s like banishing “happy hours” from your life! 

But is it true? 

Are you truly happy when you are drunk? 

Is this what you really wanted to achieve in life – fumbling in your steps, slurring in your speech, having a double vision due to drunkenness, and needing the support of somebody to stand still? 

How vulnerable you are to the world! Anybody can manipulate you when you are drunk. Is this what you want to happen to you? 

AA meeting in Georgia is a place where you must face such hard questions. And you must answer them. Because unless you don’t question yourselves you won’t know where you need improvement. 

Finding happy hours

The person who labeled alcohol drinking time as “happy hours,” perhaps, was unmindful of the destruction that alcohol can bring about to a person’s life. 

Maybe this person was a tee-totaler! 

Why can’t we label the hour spent with family at the dinner table the “happy hour”?

Can’t we label the hours spent pursuing our hobbies as “happy hours”?

Guys and gals, if you truly wish to quit drinking, you ought to don your creative hat. Instill some thrill in your life so that you find your “happy hours” sans alcohol. 

Once you search for “AA meetings near me” and attend the meetings regularly, you realize how you were missing the real “happy hours” in your life. 

What happens in a meeting? 

A typical meeting starts with the chairperson reciting the AA Preamble. This is followed by a prayer and reading from the Big Book. 

After this, the newcomers introduce themselves. Then, the members share their stories, experiences, their achievement in the recovery process, and others. Topics discussed in the meeting are strictly about alcoholism and related subjects. 

After the meeting, people socialize. Some simply go home. In some meetings, the endings, too, are done with a prayer. 

Some meetings may have a round of refreshments. It depends on the arrangement of the particular place. 

Mostly, meetings are held in churches, community centers, parks, or any space with an environment conducive to discussion and that has a positive vibration. 

As you attend the meetings frequently, you would also learn about the 12 traditions of AA

Steps of meeting

The meetings encourage individuals to undergo 12 steps, which play a crucial role in helping you kick alcohol. 

These steps will also help you seek happiness without alcohol. It’s like redefining the “happy hours” in your life. 

An important feature of meetings

Meetings do not mandate people to follow a particular ritual (such as prayer) or steps or any particular process. However, wisdom says that you must follow the steps and the processes for successful recovery. Otherwise, why are you in a meeting? 

Of course, you can sit silently and watch whatever happens in a meeting in the initial days. But, as you get familiar with meetings, you must participate. This will increase your confidence, help you express yourselves, and give you answers as to why you drink. 

As you get the answers, you would, naturally, don’t want to drink! Techfilly

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