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A visit to Andaman & Nicobar


A comprehensive itinerary for a 7-day Andaman Nicobar tour is given right here. This on-line traveller manual will enfold Havelock, Neil, and Port Blair inside the Andaman Nicobar Islands.

1: PORT BLAIR – town excursion



Four: NEIL



7: return 


So within the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, inter-island ferries are to be had to get from one island to any other, and in ireland ferries, there are both personal and government possibilities. The Phoenix Bay jetty is the essential jetty in Port Blair, hence the gap from the airport to the Phoenix Bay jetty is just round 4 kilometres. 


You can e book personal ferries earlier; however, there can be restrictions, which include not being capable of journey to the open deck place or paying authorities fees.

So the locals get priority for obvious motives due to the fact that is their best mode of transportation from one island to another and the authorities ferry expenses are decrease. There are about four hundred to six hundred-pace boats and their everyday birds. 

The velocity boat takes round 2.5 hours to reach Havelock island from Port Blair, whilst the regular boat takes around four hours, and if you move through Neil island, it’s going to take one hour longer.


Havelock Island is the maximum famous island within the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, with stunning beaches, crystal clear water, and a laid-back feel. 5 you will find a whole lot of human beings in their cafes and restaurants, and maximum extensively, Havelock Island is favoured for scuba diving and different water sports which include snorkelling, kayaking, and so on.

After arriving on Havelock Island, you will discover a lot of car rickshaws there; you may take one for your drop to the lodging, and whilst on the manner, you may see masses of shops to lease scooters, or you may ask about your accommodation

They commonly fee four hundred to 500rs for twenty-four hours. 


Now there is a petroleum station close to the marketplace region at the way to the Radha Nagar seaside, in which you may have petrol for 400 rupees for 24 hours, which I believe need to be sufficient. 

It is a really perfect island. The first region is the adorable sundown seaside, which you could visit for Rs four hundred for 24 hours. I trust that ought to be enough.

There are numerous meals stalls you may additionally have nearby lunch over there or experience some coconut water tea espresso snacks culmination etc but this place is generally crowded. However, you can walk alongside the seashore or in the woodland place which runs along the seashore which is our favorite.


So, next to Radha Nagar seaside is the Kalapathar beach, which is known as after the substantial black coloration drops that may be found there. It is also a lovable dawn seaside wherein human beings accumulate to observe the sunrise. At the primary entrance to the seaside location, there are many meals stalls, souvenir stores, restrooms, and a Coast shield station.

ELEPHANT seashore

If you want to perform a few a laugh water sports like jet snowboarding, Elephant seashore is the pleasant location to head. It’s a cute beach with fantastic Bluewater within the afternoon, so there are two methods to get there.

One, you could take a ship from Havelock jetty for round 950 in step with individual, and the alternative, and more popular, is to trek to Elephant seaside, which takes about forty minutes and is an handy fashion that even the aged and kids can do. You cross the village vicinity, then the woodland location, then the mangrove forest, and then you arrive at the seashore.

NEMO beach

Scuba diving is performed at beach variety 2 (additionally called Nemo seaside) inside the Vijay Nagar vicinity, where there’s a government inn known as Dolphin inn, that is the essential hub location with plenty of cafes and restaurants in Govind Nagar and Vijayanagar beach. If you aren’t staying on a seaside belongings it’s miles very tough to locate the passage to visit the seaside.

In case you visit these seashores for the duration of the high tide, you may discover a turquoise green sea, but in case you cross for the duration of the low tide, you will find the shoreline moving fairly speedy, exposing the useless coral and it’s going to no longer be an excellent sight, so manage some time to spend a nice holiday at Havelock island.

Wherein TO devour?

There are numerous cafés and eateries inside the Havelock Islands. If you actually need to have a few nearby seafood at a reasonable charge, the squid restaurant in the market vicinity is nice. However, Radha Nagar seaside can be a wonderful concept to test out a few local lunches at a totally affordable fee.

Price range BREAKUP

How a great deal will it cost you to excursion Port Blair, Havelock Island, and Neil Island for 6 to 7 days? The first factor to see is the airfare charge, for you to price between 5000 and 10,000 rupees one way. After flights to Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore, and New Delhi, inter-island boat alternatives at the moment are available. 

So, from Port Blair to Havelock, the private fairy could cost among $1300 and $1400 consistent with individual, and from Havelock to Neil Island, it might fee round $1100 consistent with person, and from Neil Island to Port Blair, it would charge around $1300 consistent with character. Now, the fee of a ship from Aberdeen to Ross Island and North Bay is 750 in line with character, and on Havelock Island, the charge is 750 in line with character.

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