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A Quick Overview of Compact Appliances for Small Kitchens

It is easy to feel that you cannot have all of the necessary equipment to suit your requirements if your living space is on the smaller side. However, this is not the case, and there are now tiny appliances available on the market that can assist you in the preparation of meals, the washing of dishes, and the washing of clothes in an effective manner. In this succinct tutorial, we will examine a few appliances that may be put in smaller homes in order to make the most of the space that is available.

Cooktops and ranges in a Conveniently Small Size

Because it combines the functions of two separate appliances, a kitchen range is a common and popular choice. As a result of this, they are an excellent means of saving space in homes of any size. Both electric and gas hob Singapore choices are available, and the width of a typical kitchen range is 30 inches. However, if the area that you have available is limited, there are electric ranges that are as narrow as 24 inches and gas ranges that are no wider than 24 inches. You have the option of purchasing a gas or electric cooktop with two burners or two elements if you would rather have a dedicated cooktop as opposed to a range stove. These cooktops come in a variety of sizes ranging from 12 inches to 21 inches.

A Space-Saving Wall Oven

If you want to go with a cooktop, you will need to think about getting a separate oven, which might be difficult if you have a restricted amount of room. It’s possible that the answer you’re looking for is a wall-mounted oven and microwave combination set, which combines two fantastic appliances into a single convenient package. This will prevent the counter space from being wasted, and it will make it easier to get to the oven. Although there are versions available that are narrower, the maximum width for a small wall oven is 27 inches.

The Conveniently Sized Refrigerator

However, smaller living rooms often contain fewer people, thus the need to store huge amounts of food is not necessary. Investing in a refrigerator with a reduced storage capacity will help you cut costs while also freeing up more room in your kitchen. The average amount of refrigerated food storage space required by an adult is roughly 4 cubic feet, whereas the amount required by a family of four is approximately 20 cubic feet.

It is possible that the capacity of a compact refrigerator, which is up to 18 cubic feet, is a tad on the low side for storing food for four people. However, if you have space for a refrigerator that is up to 30 inches wide, you will be able to install one that has a capacity of 19 cubic feet, which is a bit more flexible.

The most common refrigerator layouts consist of a top or bottom freezer, both of which offer significantly less storage capacity than models with side-by-side doors, French doors, or both. Comparatively, a top freezer refrigerator model can have anywhere from 6 to 21 cubic feet of storage space, while a small bottom freezer refrigerator can have anywhere from 6 to 19 cubic feet. However, bottom freezer refrigerators may be as narrow as 22 inches and as big as 30 inches. A simple tiny refrigerator, sometimes known as a “Mini Fridge,” is a decent alternative for a home consisting of just one person, with storage space ranging from 2 to 11 cubic feet.

Compact washing machines and drying machines

Managing your laundry with only one machine—a washer dryer combination unit—can make you feel more in control of the situation. This category of home appliance might have a capacity as little as 2.3 cubic feet, making it potentially suitable for usage in homes with limited space. There is also the possibility of installing a stacked laundry room in order to save on important floor space. The size of the dryer drum would be roughly 5.5 cubic feet, while the capacity of the washing machine would be around 3.9 cubic feet.

A Dishwasher That Is Very Small

It’s possible that a dishwasher will appear to be an unneeded luxury item or a waste of important space in a home that’s on the smaller side. However, it is difficult to surpass the ease that a dishwasher provides, and even a small machine may make a significant improvement to your quality of life. The typical width of a tiny dishwasher is no more than 18 inches.

Check out our online collection if you’re looking for space-saving appliances for your home, or speak with one of our Induction Hob Singapore advisers for some professional guidance.

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