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A Helpful Guide To Understand The Role Of Community Nurses

Back in the day, when there were no hospitals, caregivers used to travel to patients’ houses and provide care. As the world changed, we saw many hospitals getting built, and the idea of getting home-care treatment slowly became old-fashioned. Now, community nursing is regaining its lost value as it has become difficult for many patients to travel.

With the increasing number of diseases in the world, the need for home-care treatment is also increasing. It is also a great option for people who live in rural areas and don’t have the means to travel to hospitals.

What Is NDIS Community Nursing Care?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides a huge number of support services to people with significant impairments. One of the support it offers to its participants is community nursing.

A community nurse works with different healthcare professionals and has a good amount of experience in looking after the participants. They provide home-care services that enable everyone to get proper treatment in the comfort of their homes. To understand the role of a community nurse, we have made this guide for you.

Prevention Health Problems

As we said, many people are not able to visit doctors and hospitals for everything because they might live in rural areas. This causes an increase in their health problems. Participants who need regular check-ups need to consult a doctor as soon as something changes in their symptoms. However, they’re not fully aware of their conditions and often miss the symptoms until they become a bigger issue.

Community nurses provide an immediate solution to the problems by closely observing the participants’ symptoms. They are responsible for contacting healthcare professionals and reporting the changes so they can update the treatment plan accordingly.

Promote Healthy Lifestyle

Most people in today’s world consume junk food, and healthy eating is never in their minds. Community nurses are not only responsible for handling their health conditions, but they are also supposed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Educating the participants and their families is part of their job. They must increase awareness of diseases and the importance of a healthy diet so they can prevent further problems.

Manage Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are referred to those diseases that need regular care and cannot be fully treated with medicines. Chronic patients need to visit hospitals more often to keep their symptoms and health in check. However, it is not possible for everyone to visit hospitals as often for many reasons. Community nursing allows the opportunity to get vitals checked in the comfort of home. They keep a record of the participants’ vital signs and keep their doctors updated.

Build A Trustable Relationship

Participants should have a good relationship with their support workers and community nurses. They cannot build companionship without trust, and it is the responsibility of the support worker and the nurse to build trust. Community nurses serve the participants in their homes, so they need to be dependable and trustable for the participants. Having clear and concise conversations with the participant is also a part of their job. They need to know what the participant feels so they can notice a change in their symptoms, and it gets difficult for the participants to open up when they don’t trust the nurse or their support worker.


NDIS community nursing care is the support funded under NDIS. Participants can access this support with the help of their service provider and have a professional and registered nurse serve them so they can keep a record of their symptoms and don’t have to go out as often.

If you are looking for a community nurse to provide you with home-care services, reach out to Complete Connect and let their team provide you with the best possible services.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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