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A Guide to Floor Tiles Price in Delhi NCR and FAQs

Tiles are rapidly replacing other existing construction materials, to emerge as the ultimate choice for adorning walls and floors in India. The great variety, easy maintenance, and affordability make them every home owner’s favourite. As India is the world’s second largest producer of tiles, after China, the masses can afford tiles flooring and they continue to be the most reasonably priced flooring and wall décor option.

Three factors determining the price of tiles

Floor tiles price in Delhi NCR vary because of three reasons:

  1. Quality- Premium tiles always have high prices.
  2. Brand- If you buy tiles from famous brands, they’ll definitely be more expensive than the ones sold by local dealers.
  3. Size- The bigger the size, the costlier the tiles.

Ceramic tiles are priced as low as Rs. 35 per sq. feet. Vitrified tiles are more sophisticated and cost more. Premium tiles bought from reputable brands may cost Rs. 900 per sq feet.

The most budget-friendly tiles for your floor:

The most economical tiles include:

  • Ceramic and Porcelain tiles
  • Laminated Wooden Floor tiles

Cost of laying tiles in India

It is also essential to note that just like the price of tiles, the installation cost of tiles also depend on various factors. The material of the tiles selected, the laying pattern, the size of the tiles and the grout type are some of the major points that tilers take into consideration before quoting a price.

Laying tiles is a delicate work and it needs expertise to make your floors look stunning. So, it is better to hire an experienced person as redoing the floors will be a time-taking and costly affair.

Frequently asked questions on prices of tiles

  1. How do tiles manufacturers price tiles?
    Tiles manufacturers quote tiles price based on the total area you want to be tiled. The total amount that you will have to pay include these two elements: cost of the tiles and the labour cost.

  2. Why are some tiles costlier than the rest?
    Size and material are the two biggest factors affecting the price of individual tiles. Acrylic and porcelain are comparatively less expensive as manufacturing them comes cheap. On the other hand, hand-crafted and natural stone tiles are more expensive as they need effort and dedication to produce.

  3. In India, what is the average price of tiles per sq. feet?
    The price of tiles range between Rs. 50 per sq. feet and Rs. 100 per sq. feet, depending on the type and quality.

  4. Are wall tiles costlier than floor tiles?
    Both floor tiles and wall tiles are available in equal price ranges.


Tiling is the most practical way to give a designer look to your home. Floor tiles price in Delhi NCR vary because of multiple factors such as raw material (vitrified, ceramic, etc.), size (larger tiles are costlier than smaller tiles), and brands. Other factors determining the price of tiles include slip resistance, product’s density, the country of origin and the manufacturing process.

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