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A Guide To Choosing The Best Accounting Software For Your Business In The UK


AI-based accounting is far better than a human accountant in numerous aspects. It saves time and effort, provides precision and accuracy, generates reports in seconds, gives better insights into the issues and many other benefits. The saved time and energy can be further put over the strategy to enhance growth, overcome losses, understand the trends and downfalls, and plan the next movement accordingly.

However, the mentioned things can be achieved only if the accounting software meets the organization’s demands. Any accounting software will ease the task with automation and updates, but customized accounting software will efficiently perform the functions. Therefore, find the important aspects to consider while opting for UK accounting software for the business.

Important things to remember while selecting accounting software:

  • Portability

Business operations can occur during get-togethers, casual meetings or scheduled business meetings. Handy and pocket-friendly accounting software can rescue at any of these places irrespective of geography. Therefore, ensure that the chosen UK accounting software is compatible with all versions of android, laptops and apple products. Additionally, it should hold cloud-based storage rather than device-based storage, which will eventually hamper the work.

  • Budget

One of the primary reasons to use accounting software is to not unnecessarily spend on the employee who will give low output and accuracy. The UK accounting software provides more facilities than that. Thus, allocating a reasonable budget for monthly or yearly subscriptions to the accounting software beforehand is beneficial.

  • User interface

While selecting the UK accounting software, ensure an easy to understand interface that can be accessed by any employee irrespective of their expertise. It should be organized and arranged systematically to determine its functions and usability. Moreover, the accounting software team can conduct seminars, webinars or teaching sessions for more insights and better decisions concerning the choice.

  • Switching the software

Businesses looking to switch accounting software should have clarity in the required things. They should know the best and worst features of the current app or software. The lack of features or reasons that led to the switching of the app should be mandatorily considered while looking for new accounting software.

  • Customer support

It is an important factor commonly ignored while making a purchase. Support and query resolution is possible if the team has good customer support. It is the only source for reliable solutions to problems concerning technical glitches and other issues in the software. The time zone of the customer support or backup in opposite time zones, experience and problem-solving skills and method of communication with customer support are some of the important things to check before making a decision.

  • Features

The accounting software can be customized based on the requirement. Also, numerous software is available. There are a few common features that are present in each software enlisted here to better enlighten while choosing the software:

  • Record customer histories
  • Pay vendors
  • Process credit cards
  • Create and track invoices
  • Compile financial statements
  • Accounting method

The new users can opt for the familiar accounting method better suited for the type of business. Businesses switching to new accounting software can continue for the same accounting method or choose a new one based on their experience. The four types of available accounting systems to choose from are:

  • Single-entry systems
  • Double-entry systems
  • Manual accounting systems
  • Computerised accounting systems
  • Access

Accounting software allows sharing of accounts data with other employees by inviting them and providing access. However, the catch is the allowed number of users. Software may charge extra based on the number of users, while some offer it at the base plan. Hence, a mindful comparison will save money.

  • Integration

The accounting software’s automation depends on its integration with other apps and software. It is crucial to check the compatible services with the software to not hamper the work or get the need to switch to any other finance platform.

  • Compliance with business growth

The objective of the business and the current status are required for this judgment. Knowing the present status and aim to be achieved in a certain period, business owners or concerned employees can estimate their requirements, such as financial requirements, important aspects for tracking the finances and other related things. Then ensure all the necessary things are in the accounting software to help the company reach its goal.

  • Type of tasks to be performed

Rather than paying extra for useless features, buy the software that serves the purpose. Upgrade the plan in the future based on further requirements. It requires understanding the purpose of accounting software. For instance, it can be:

  • Stock control
  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Management reports
  • Cash flow management
  • Project management
  • Budgeting
  • Managing payroll and employee expenses
  • Automated filing of VAT and income tax returns


Dext, a UK accounting software, has satisfied around 1 million customers with its facilities. Besides better customer support, they ensure 99% accuracy for the customers. This UK accounting software provides numerous advantages at an affordable range in monthly and annual subscriptions.

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