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A Comprehensive Guide For Buying The Best Gaming Headsets

Every gamer’s setup is incomplete without a pair of gaming headsets. If you are a casual gamer, you need a device with good sound output for an immersive experience. On the other hand, if you are more into competitive gaming, you require precise and crisp audio with noise isolation features. 

Various other things, such as audio latency, connectivity type, etc also need to be considered to get the best gaming headset according to your preferences. For your help, we have curated a comprehensive guide on buying headsets. It will help you get the best value from your purchase. So, without any further delay, let’s check it out!

An Ultimate Guide For Buying Gaming Headsets

#1. Wireless Vs Wired

Based on connectivity, headsets are divided into two major categories: Wireless and Wired. Both have their pros and cons depending on the respective use case. Let’s have a brief look at both. Afterward, you can choose which ones are suitable for you.

#2. Wired Headsets

These devices are connected to your respective gaming system, with the help of a cord. Due to wired connectivity, you get almost no delay in the audio output, which is an added advantage if you are into competitive gaming. Besides, they also offer good sound quality.

#3. Wireless Headsets

These devices don’t have any wires or cables. They help you maintain a clean desk setup and you can also move freely while gaming up to a certain distance. However, due to the wireless transmission of audio signals, there is some delay that can be a problem for professional gamers. But, for casual gamers, they are the perfect gadgets.

#4. Supported Sound Formats

As mentioned above, audio is an important part of the gaming experience. Although headsets with different audio formats are available, the ones with 7.1 surround sound are highly recommended. Using these devices, you exactly get to know how far the sound is coming while gaming with its precise direction. As a result, you get an immersive experience during your gaming sessions. 

#5. Build Quality

The audio output is the main thing that you should look for while buying gaming headsets. But, the build quality of the respective device should also be up to the mark. Especially, if you are buying headsets for heavy usage. For instance, a good headset for gaming centers will have a metallic body and frame. 

Gaming headsets with a plastic build can easily break, crack, or get damaged due to a physical impact. So, devices whose bodies and frames are made of plastic are less sturdy. However, they are more lightweight than metallic ones. Ultimately, it depends on your preferences which material will be the best for you.

#6. Compatibility

It is important to check if the respective pair of headsets are compatible with your gaming system or not. As different people use different devices for gaming like PC, PlayStation, Xbox, etc; all the headsets may not necessarily work with them. Additionally, checking the connectivity type is crucial. For example, there is no benefit in USB headsets if the respective device only has a 3.5 mm jack for connecting a device.

#7. Comfort and Convenience

The gaming headset you purchase should be comfortable to use. Firstly, the device weight should not be more than a certain limit. Otherwise, you will feel that you are always carrying a burden over your head. For this reason, you should select lightweight headsets. Also, the weight distribution should be proper and you should not feel a weight imbalance on either side.

Secondly, the ear cushions should be soft and made of breathable material. Because, during gaming sessions, the ears generate sweat when kept covered for a long time. So, breathable material will absorb the sweat and maintain proper air ventilation.

Finally, and most importantly, the headset’s frame also affects comfort levels. It should not be too tight or loose. A tight frame will put pressure on your head from both sides, which is highly uncomfortable. Besides, a loose frame will result in the headset not fitting your head properly and falling again and again. Nowadays, gaming headsets also come with adjustable frames, so you can also consider them.

#8. Lighting

Lights in gaming headsets have no impact on the audio experience, but they help you achieve the desired vibe and aesthetic for your gaming setup. LED lights in headsets give an appealing look, especially if you are into gaming content creation. By matching the overall color theme of your gaming setup with your headset’s lights you can improve the quality of your content.

Moreover, headsets nowadays are not limited to simple lighting. Instead, they come with RGB lights which change according to the in-game scenario. However, it boils down to your personal preferences whether or not you want lights in your headphones.

#9. Microphone Quality

Nowadays, multiplayer games are gaining more popularity compared to single-player games. So, you regularly need to communicate with your teammates during the sessions. For this reason, having a good quality microphone in the headsets becomes an essential thing.

Whether you prefer a wired or wireless gaming headset, the mic quality must be good for effective voice chats during a game. Moreover, it also comes in handy if you do gaming live streams or record gameplay videos. Furthermore, a good microphone helps avoid disturbances in your voice as it filters the surrounding noise.

#10. Budget

Considering all the above points is necessary, but all of them become secondary when it comes to your budget. Having an estimated spending limit in mind, helps you choose from the available options in an easy manner. 

Some features are available only in expensive headsets like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). It helps minimize the disturbances in audio by controlling the noise level in the respective room in real time.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get good gaming headsets on a budget. Just you will miss the premium features. With the help of a little research, you can find a good gaming headset within your spending limit.


By investing in the right pair of headsets, you can enhance your gaming experience. After going through the above points, you can easily pick a headset that complements your usage pattern. Moreover, you should only make the headsets purchase from a reputable supplier to get original products, warranty, and other exclusive offers. This way, you will get quality products at the best prices.

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