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A Complete Guide About The Rules Of Academic Writing

Academic writing is considered one of the most difficult types of writing. It is started in schools and colleges to check the learnings of the students. But it plays a crucial part in professional life as well. Writing involves essays, research papers, assignments, journals and many other things. When crafting an academic paper, it is essential to present your arguments and understanding in a concise and clear manner.

Many students find it challenging to keep the right tone and writing style in their tasks. They don’t maintain a balance between formal and casual tones and often fail to write a good essay. But if you keep in mind a few basic rules of writing, then your task can become less daunting and highly impressive. In this blog, we will explore the dos and don’ts of academic writing and define ways how you can write essays that can wow your professors.

Essential Things To Keep In Mind To Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

Read Before Working On Your Academic Task

When you enroll in any course, you get a reading list with your syllabus. The best tip is to read and learn it right away. We all agree that reading plays an important role in enhancing writing skills. Reading about the topic before writing the assignment can help students in building a better understanding of the question. The notable benefit of reading for learners is vocabulary building. You can learn the usage of different words, new phrases and unique ideas that you can add to your essays and other assignments to stand out from other students.

Always Write In A Proper Structure

One of the most important things in academic writing that you need to take into consideration is structuring. You can’t put all your ideas on a piece of paper and submit it. Instead, the right way is to express your thoughts and other researched data in a proper manner. The reader should clearly understand the purpose and the content present in your paper.

The areas that you should keep in focus are paragraph structures, sentence complexity and the use of words. To follow the proper structure, you need to begin your writing with a question and then include the relevant information and data. For complex tasks like research papers or dissertations, students can take help from experts who provide dissertation help. These specialists have vast knowledge and can craft strong and impressive academic papers.

It Is Important To Do Proper Research

The internet is full of information, with hundreds of websites that you can easily use as your references and citations in your academic paper. However not all the websites and information are credible and valid enough to add to your assignment. It is vital to use resources that are authentic and correct. You should ensure that all the data that you add is factually correct. If you use the information without checking, then it will lower the overall quality of your paper.

Don’t Use Passive Voice

Your teachers have other things to do, and they will not be impressed by complex words and long sentences in your assignment. You need to keep in mind that the primary goal of your assignment is to show your understanding and knowledge about the topic to your professor. To ensure that your write-up can engage and build the interest of the reader, you should use appropriate language, adjust your style and keep your assignment easy to read.

One thing that you should follow is the use of active voice. The content should be written in an active voice so that it isn’t difficult to read. When you use passive voice, the sentence can get complex, and it could affect readability. An active voice keeps the meaning straightforward, and it focuses on the action. Therefore, avoid using passive voice when crafting any academic paper.

Don’t Use First Person Pronouns

Although this is not a rule but most of the expert assignment helpers discourage the use of first-person pronouns in academic writing. Students should also avoid it as it makes the tone casual and personal. This might make your essay less impactful. Another reason to restrict the use of first-person pronouns is that you don’t know your reader. We suggest you keep a third-person tone in your writing as it sounds professional and increases the objectivity in your essay.

Don’t Collect All The Information From A Single Source

Students often stick to only one resource and information given by their teachers. They don’t research the topic from different perspectives and limit themselves. One smart approach to get good remarks on your assignment is to look for relevant information from different sources. Students can take help from lecture notes, sample assignments, relevant books and, most importantly internet to increase their knowledge about the topic. Using the internet, learners can find all information on LMS, also known as a learning management system, to add to their academic tasks.

Don’t Write In An Informal Tone

The main factor of academic writing is that it should be formal. It is essential to remember that it should include facts and data in a professional tone. You should avoid casual language and informal writing style at all costs. There should be no slang or words that are commonly used in your daily conversations. Students submit these papers to their teachers. Therefore, the academic paper should be written professionally without any silly mistakes.


We all agree that academic writing is not an easy thing. It is time taking, and you need the right set of skills to craft an engaging and good-quality assignment. For students, it is essential to have good academic writing skills in order to pass their courses with flying colours. There are a few rules through which any individual can master the art of curating impressive content.

It includes researching the topic, avoiding jargon, using proper structure, proofreading, keeping a formal tone and others. We hope that this blog has given all the important tips that can help you in completing assignments efficiently and creatively. By following these dos and don’ts, you can polish your skills and improve your writing style.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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