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Top 10 Tips for Packaging Design for Your Product


Manufacturing a product is just the tip of the iceberg of what it entails in regard to actually selling it to people. The amount of effort and research the process of making your product has taken is more or less the same that your package design will take. The product packaging design will serve as an advocate for your product. That is why it needs to be made in a way that is friendly and communicates your brand image to your target audience. Brand opt for a packaging design agency since they are professional and can provide them with several ideas according to their brand type.

A new product launches almost every day so it is really hard for businesses to get a competitive advantage over their competitors. Making a product that is in demand from your target market is not nearly enough, you need to make the design and the packaging equally appealing for your customers to pick your product over your competitors. Your product can be easily lost in the swarm of hundreds of other similar products. In order to stand out, your product requires great packaging that can catch the attention of your target audience.

Keeping all that in mind, here are 10 tips that make for a great package design:

1. Simple And Clear

There are already hundreds of products that are more or less the same as your products so how would your product stand out? Simple, the package design. The visuals your package design provides become grounds for the customer actually considering buying your product. When a customer picks up a product from a shelf, they are actually looking at the packaging to consider if they want to buy it or not. The details and ingredients of your products come later, what they see in front of them are the visuals and that is why they either get convinced to buy your product or are dissatisfied and leave the product. Also, the content written on the packaging should be concise and simple in order to attract the attention of the customers. The more text you cram into your packaging, the more boring and stuffy it would look. Your product packaging should be simple enough to bring a sense of calm when your customers first lay their eyes on it.

2. Structure Prompts Intention To Buy

What we see before we often make the decision for us in the span of 4 seconds or less when buying something. That is the time limit a potential customer gives you to convince them to buy your product. You have to make sure that you capture the attention of the customer swiftly enough to persuade them to buy your product within the given time frame. For this, you need to make the structure and shape of the product appealing enough so that the customer stops and ponders over buying your product. Sleek and simple shapes are the way to go. Your product should explicitly tell the audience what it is about and what needs it can satisfy. Making the product in the shape of what it actually represents can be a huge plus as it will further prompt the customer to buy your product.

3. Make The Packaging For Your Customers

The packaging of your product is as much a message as your brand’s vision is. Through your product’s packaging, you are communicating a message to your customers about what your product and brand represent. The intention behind making the packaging should be to express to your customers the integrity of your brand. The nature of your target audience plays a huge role here. You need to learn about the specifics regarding what your target market finds appealing. Knowing the likes and dislikes of your target audience will help you in making the packaging according to their standards. That is why many brands avail the branding services of some packaging design agency in order to make the right packaging.

4. Eco-Friendly Packaging Is The New Trend

A new raging trend is the integration of business with corporate social responsibility where businesses are more concerned about satisfying the underlying needs of the customers in addition to just making sales. Many people are turned off by the aspect of too much use of either plastic or any other harmful object in the packaging of products. Make sure that your packaging is eco-friendly and does not harm the environment. Many businesses are choosing package design agencies to develop their packaging.

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5. Long Term Packaging

In a hurry to make sales, many businesses skip the steps of making considerate product packaging and that is where they go wrong. Consider a solution that is long-term and can warrant sustainable results. If you hurry, you may make packaging that is not good enough for the long run. This way, you will have to go through the whole procedure again and again until you find the right solution. 

6. Honest And Authentic Packaging

You must already have competitors lined up selling the same product as you to the same target market. So, why would customers buy your product? Your honest and authentic packaging can be the deciding factor for your target market. Communicate your brand honestly through your packaging so that customers are not blindsided. Do not overpromise that you find it impossible to deliver later on. Your brand can actually stand out if you follow the theme of your brand into your packaging with authenticity.

7. Fun And Creative Packaging

While your brand message and authenticity are important, the element of fun should also be considered so as to catch the attention of the customers. Ensure that your packaging includes fun and creative elements into it too. This way you may be able to tap into other target audiences also. Including fun and creative ideas can appeal to the humorous and creative sides of your audience. Package design agencies provide many options to the different types of brands so that they can choose the one which suits them the best.

8. Tell The Story Of Your Brand

You can use the background story of your brand and what it went through in order to create the product that your audiences are looking at right now. You can proudly show the story of your brand on the front of your product packaging. This way, you can make your customers feel close to your brand. Telling the story of your brand is a surefire way to develop an intimate relationship with your target market. This custom package design will absolutely shine over your competitors’ products and will remain ingrained in the minds of your target audience.

9. Light To Carry

In the prospect of making unforgettable packaging, do not get carried away with complex and heavy designs that are hard to carry for your customers. The packaging should appropriately fit the product and be easy to carry. If you make the packaging too heavy, no matter how good the inside product is, people will be turned off by the humongous size of the packaging and will not buy your product.

10. Add Mystery

Lastly, do not give away everything at the very first glance. Keep some mystery in the packaging so that your customers would want to find out more about your brand. Keep your packaging intriguing enough that your target audience will lean towards finding more about your product and brand.

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