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9 Tips to Help Your Child Be a Better Basketball Player

Bouncing a basketball is the first step in becoming a great basketball player. The next step is shooting it. And the last step is passing. Putting all three together will allow your child to become an all-around player, able to move well on offense and defense and make good decisions when playing with others.

1.   Backboard Drill

This drill uses two hoops and two players on each team. Each player takes turns shooting from the top of one hoop, then dribbling down to the other hoop and shooting again. The player who misses the first shot has to run back up to shoot again from the top of a different hoop so he doesn’t get caught between two hoops and lose his momentum. This drill teaches players how to keep their feet balanced when running or dribbling, and how to move without falling off course during their shot.

2.   Jump Ball Drill

This drill requires two teams of two or three players each. One player from each team lines up at either end of a line drawn across their middle section of the court, while another player stands at center court (where they will be free to move around). Each set of players then tries to throw a ball into their opponent’s section of the court while they try to catch it with their hands in order to score points.

3.   Teach Your Child to Always Keep Their Eye on the Ball

First try to find the right and quality basketball for 12-year-old. Basketball is a game of precision, and if you want your child to be successful, you need to teach them how to keep their eye on the ball. If they’re not paying attention, they can easily lose their focus and miss an easy shot or pass.Buy a basketball and learn how to bounce it correctly. This will help your child develop better ballhandling skills and coordination. Also, if you’re going to be spending time on the court with your child, this is an easy way for them to start practicing their shots without getting discouraged or frustrated by missing repeatedly.

4.   Keep Your Child Motivated by Offering Rewards

In order to motivate your child, offer them rewards for good behavior after every basketball game or practice session. This will help them stay focused and motivated throughout the entire season.Set up hoops at home so that kids can practice shooting from various angles and distances from the basket (ideally no more than 10 feet away). This will help them develop their accuracy while also helping them improve their footwork and concentration as they try different sorts of shots (layups, jumpers, etc.).

5.   Don’t rush your child to play basketball

It’s important to remember that every child is different. Some kids are more athletic, while others are more artistic. If your child is not a natural athlete, you don’t want to rush them into playing basketball. Instead, encourage them to take their time and learn the basics of the game before they begin taking it more seriously.

6.   Encourage them to work on their shot

If your child isn’t an avid basketball player at home, encourage him or her to work on his or her shot outside of school hours. This way, when it comes time for practice or a game, they will be able to take advantage of their skills and put them to good use!

7.   Teach Your Child How to Shoot

It’s important for your child to learn how to shoot before they can dribble the ball. They need to understand the importance of shooting and dribbling. The more comfortable your child is with shooting, the better they will be at it.

8.   Teach Your Child How to Pass and Run the Pick and Roll

Your child needs to understand how to pass and run a pick and roll before they can start playing basketball. It is important for them to be able to determine whether or not they should pass or shoot when they are running the pick and roll.

9.   Provide Your Child with A Good Running Start

Your child needs a good running start if they want to be successful in basketball. If you want your child to become successful on the court, then make sure that they have a good running start when they are playing basketball.

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